Photo Of The Week: German Market


German Market |

Our photo of the week was taken at a farmer’s market. The photographer says, “It was during our first week in Germany and this day at the market made Germany feel like a good place to be.”

Are you new to Germany like this photographer? Looking for some help on finding out how Germany is a good place to be? May we suggest the following articles: 

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Just in Germany (all those things that make Germany unique – decoded and demystified)

A-Ha! (those quick little tips and tricks that will make your German experience all the better)

Note: This is the newest photograph in our Photo of the Week category on Germany Ja! Do you have a picture that says “This is Germany” and want to share it with us? It can be a place, a person, a plate of food… whatever says “Germany” to you. We don’t need a lot of words to go with it, because a picture is worth… well, you know! If you have a picture to share, send it to submissions Danke! 

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