Menya Sandaime, Seoul


Menya Sandaime-001

I love ramen, and Menya Sandaime is hands-down the best ramen place in Seoul. Despite being on the main street in Itaewon, this small restaurant goes relatively unnoticed compared to some of the bigger, more popular haunts.

Menya Sandaime

There is a small menu of 7 different ramens and a few side items like gyoza. A friend and I opted for the tonkatsu ramen and the karakuchi ramen. Both were incredibly delicious, well-portioned and excellent value.

Menya Sandaime-002

What I particularly love is the option to customize your ramen. Added options include extra noodles, pork or bean sprouts. What makes this ramen place so special is their simplicity. They make the noodles in house and the pork belly is so silky smooth, it falls apart in your mouth.

Menya Sandaime-004

This gem is open 24 hours a day so makes the perfect meal or snack any time of the day. The restaurant is small and intimate and only seats around 15 people, so a line can form at peak times.

Menya Sandaime-003

I could carry on writing but if you’re a fan of ramen, just go!

Menya Sandaime

Phone: 02-790-4129

Address: 126-17 Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

GPS Coordinates: 37.5344677, 126.99673770000004

Directions: On the main strip in Itaewon, quite far down, opposite Ben’s Cookies. Exit 3 of Itaewon station (line 6). Walk straight for about 200m and it’s on your right side.

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