German Christmas Vocabulary


Christmas time is a big deal in Germany. To more fully experience Christmas, you can learn some German words related to the holiday.


General German Christmas Vocabulary:

Christkind – the Christ Child

Frohe Weihnachten – Merry Christmas

Geshenke – presents

Heiliger Abend – Holy Night, or 24th December

Nikolaus – St. Nicholas, who brings small gifts on 6 December

Räuchermann – literally “smoking man,” a wooden sculpture that is used to burn incense and looks as if he’s smoking

Weihnachten – Christmas

Weihnachtskugeln – Christmas ornaments

Weihnachtslieder – Christmas carols

Weihnachtsmann – Santa Claus

Weihnachtspyramide – Christmas pyramid, a traditional decoration that often uses heat from candles to turn the figures on it

Weihnachtsmarkt or Christkindlmarkt – Christmas market; the name depends on the area, but both mean the same.


German Christmas food vocabulary | www.germanyja.comFood Often Found at the Christmas Markets:

Bratwurst – pan fried or roasted sausage

Eierpunsch – a hot, egg-based alcoholic drink, similar to eggnog

Dampfnudeln – steamed buns often served with vanilla or cherry sauce

Feuerzangenbowle – literally: “Fire + tongs + bowl;” but in actuality: “fire +alcohol = oh my!” Rum-soaked sugar is set on fire then drips into mulled wine.

Glühwein – mulled wine

Heiße Schokolade – hot chocolate

Kinderpunsch – like Glühwein but for kids, minus the alcohol, of course!

Mandeln – almonds; these are often roasted and coated in sugar

Maronen – (roasted) chestnuts.

Mit Schuss – watch out for this one! You can add a shot of alcohol to many of your drinks.

Plätzchen – cookies


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