De Chocolate Coffee, Dongducheon


De Chocolate Coffee

A friend invited me to this café to welcome me to Camp Casey and Dongducheon several months ago. De Chocolate Coffee was one of the best welcomes I’ve ever had. A whole café dedicated to rich, decadent chocolate… sigh.

De Chocolate Coffee-002

When you walk up the counter it appears to be like a typical café with drinks, waffles, and shaved ice milk treats, but look in the case. There’s an assortment of decadent truffles to choose a la carte. When you select your beverage you will be asked how you’d like it. In addition to choosing hot or ice, you also get to pick your chocolate level and type: high to low and dark, milk, or white. There is no greater gift to a chocolate lover than this power.

De Chocolate Coffee-001

On my first café visit, I ordered an iced choco milk. The barista shaved a dark chocolate truffle into my milk. The longer I sat and talked, the more the shavings mixed with the milk and ice cubes. It was quite luxurious.

De Chocolate Coffee-004

This place would be perfect for an afternoon date, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion where a little extra pampering is called for. There is outside, patio seating as well as ample inside tables. Highchairs are available, but the closest public bathroom is in the adjacent building. Don’t worry, chocolate haters. There are drinks that are chocolate-free as well.

De Chocolate Coffee-003

A big thanks to Evie for introducing me to a little dollop of heaven in Dongducheon!

De Chocolate Coffee

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – midnight

Payment: credit card or won accepted

Address: 200 Jungang-ro, Dongducheon

GPS Coordinates: 37.9034112, 127.06050749999997

Directions: Take subway line 1 to Jihaeng station, exit 1 or 2. Cross the street into the New City shopping area. De Chocolate Coffee is behind the main row of shops on the right. You can take the alley just after Diaso, which comes out facing the café.


Parking: There is some street parking on the main street and several parking garages around the area. The train station parking lot is an option as well, but it is usually fairly full.

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