Wang Thai Restaurant in Itaewon


Wang Thai Seoul-004

My husband and I were in the mood for Thai food last night, so we decided to check out Wang Thai in Itaewon. There were quite a few people waiting for tables when we arrived – usually a good sign – so we added our name to the list sitting on the bar and waited to be called. The interior was nicely decorated with Thai artwork and sculptures. We only had to wait around 15 minutes before we were seated, and a waiter poured us water as soon as we sat down and came back for our orders the moment we glanced up from the menus.

 Wang Thai Seoul-002

The menu was large and varied, with all the standard Thai dishes as well as some that I didn’t recognize. They also offer several set menus with multiple courses and entrees at a higher price point per person (minimum 2), something we may go back and and do when my parents visit us. Most of the standard entrees were between ₩11,000 – ₩17,000.

We ordered vegetable spring rolls to start, and were brought a plate of 8 small rolls, fresh out of the fryer and delicious. Wang Thai Seoul

I had Pad See-Ew with chicken for my main course, and my husband ordered the Gaeng Garee Gai, which was a yellow curry. Both were excellent and a good amount of food.  Wang Thai Seoul-001

As we were getting ready to go up front and pay our bill, the waiter rushed over and said that there was a free dessert. I don’t know if that was a one-time thing or if it happens every time you eat there, but he brought over little bowls of a milky liquid with ice cubes in it. It tasted like a cold, liquid coconut pudding, very mild but tasty.

 Wang Thai Seoul-003

We will definitely be returning to Wang Thai, especially since it’s so close to where we live!

Wang Thai Restaurant in Itaewon

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11:30am-10:00pm


Phone: 02-749-2746~7

Address: 3F, Young Hwa Building, 176-2 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu

GPS Coordinates: 37.5344441, 126.99069600000007

Directions: Go out the Itaewon gate by the gas station and cross the street to the big Itaewon arch. At the first crosswalk, cross over to the other side of the street and walk away from the base. It’s about a short block into Itaewon. The stairs are a couple of doors down from the Crocs store, the same entrance as What the Book. Go up to the third floor to reach Wang Thai.

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