12 Days of German Christmas


The First Day of German Christmas

12 Days of German Christmas | www.germanyja.com

12 Days of German Christmas, Koblenz, Germany | www.germanyja.com

In America the idea of 12 days of Christmas is a song with an ever-increasing list of odd gifts – Why did my true love give me a bird in a tree and what am I going to do with that? But in Germany, along with many other parts of the world, the Twelve Days of Christmas are all of the official festive days that start on Christmas Day and extend until Epiphany on January 6.

So, in honor of our German host nation, Germany Ja will be celebrating all 12 days with a post of the day for each of the twelve days. On each day we will tell you a little bit about a German holiday tradition. Hopefully you will gain a little insight and understanding.

Today we’ll start with Christmas Day or Weihnachtstag in German. Yesterday was Christmas Eve, or Heiliger Abend (Holy Night). Some German businesses may have been open yesterday morning, but most were closed early in the afternoon. Traditionally, Germans then join their families for a quiet Christmas celebration at home.

Christmas Day is a legal holiday in Germany and you’ll have a hard time finding any German businesses open on this day. The Germany Ja team hopes that you enjoy a day of rest. We’ll see you tomorrow on “Second Christmas!” (Yep, it’s a holiday so good, they decided to give it a second whirl each year!)

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