Glühwein Withdrawal


12 Days of German Christmas: Day 10

12 Days of German Christmas; Glühwein withdrawal  |

There is a lot to love about Christmas time in Germany, and I’ve heard Glühwein referred to as the best part of German Christmas. Those are strong words!

Sadly, the season of Christmas Markets in every town is coming to an end, but the cold winter season has a ways to go. What is a Glühwein lover to do? What if you want to snuggle in up on your couch and have a warm cup whenever you’d like? What if you are moving back to the States and can almost feel the warm mug being ripped out of your chilly fingers?

Have no fear! There are at least three solutions to this Glühwein-less dilemma.

12 Days of German Christmas; Glühwein withdrawal  |

1. Buy it in bulk!

Take advantage of this time of year and head to your German stores. You can find Glühwein in the regular wine section of the store. I’ve found it for a few Euros per bottle at Globus. We’ve also seen it at the annual bazaars on the bases. One of the craziest finds was at IKEA! It was labeled as mulled wine and had a heart on the bottle. A case averaged the price to a less than two Euros per bottle.

Arrangements can be made to take an alcohol shipment with you when you leave. The specifics differ by branch, so contact your TMO office if you are interested. I’m sure your whole shipment won’t be Glühwein, but imagine serving it at your home in your future California in the collection of Glühwein mugs you’ve collected from the markets!

12 Days of German Christmas; Glühwein withdrawal  |

12 Days of German Christmas; Glühwein withdrawal  |

2. Make it from scratch!

There are some good recipes online for homemade Glühwein. The basics include a “troken” dry wine, slice fruits and their juices, sugar and spices. The brilliance of this method is that you can adjust the recipe to suit your tastes. Love red Glühwein with lots of sweetness – no problem! Do you enjoy the added taste of amaretto or cherry liquor? Have it your way!

3. Make it the easy way!

If you’d rather make it the easy way, look for Glühwein packets to mix in with your own wine. Some are as easy as mix, heat and drink. Others might be only the mulling spices and need you to add your own other ingredients. Take a look at the packaging. This might be the easiest way to ship the goodness of Glühwein to your friends and family or to pack it up for yourself to use in the future.

Don’t despair! The Christmas market vendors might be packing up for the year, but you can hold on to your Glühwein a little longer!

5 thoughts on “Glühwein Withdrawal

  1. Around the Wherever says:

    For those who would still like to drink some glühwein, I see that as of 12 January Paneo in Kaiserslautern (in the Schillerplatz) has it and Hugo on the menu still. Here’s the address: Schillerstraße 9, KL.


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