Burg Wertheim

Burg Wertheim: A Castle That Will Bring Out Your Inner Game of Thrones


Burg Wertheim, Germany | www.germanyja.com

When I visit castles, I can’t help but daydream that similar stories from Game of Thrones once played out within the ruins. I imagine that here a king once betrayed his queen with his mistress, here a princess danced merrily all night with her future prince, and on this bridge a bloody battle broke out as one throne tried to take another.

I personally prefer medieval castles over other styles, and I find castle ruins even more charming because of the stories they have to tell. For this reason, I was overjoyed when I found Burg Wertheim which is located about 3 hours from Grafenwöhr. This makes this a perfect location for a daytrip with the family. It seemed to be free of tourists, with usually no more than a dozen people roaming the ruins and daydreaming of the secrets hidden within the walls.

Burg Wertheim, Germany | www.germanyja.com

Not only that, but they had English accommodations in the form of small plaques posted on the walls explaining the particular area where you are in the castle. These ruins seemed to never end, and that’s what I loved about them. It seemed like at every corner there was more to explore.

The view was breathtaking, offering many views. There were mossy covered stairs leading into the woods. The trails felt as if they were begging us to explore. To top it off, the restaurant located at the top of the castle made it and even more appealing visit.

Burg Wertheim, Germany | www.germanyja.com
When I researched the castle I found out that Burg Wertheim was built in the 12th century and was partially destroyed in 1619 by exploding gunpowder. In the 30 Years War the Swedes occupied the castle, and it was further destroyed in 1634. It has been, and continues to be, restored in stages, and the city now owns it.

The castle was my husband’s favorite out of the dozens we have visited, and I can see why. Take a day off to roam the structure and surrounding woods with your family!


Burg Wertheim website

You can take dogs and kids but it is not stroller friendly because of many stairs.


Open: Monday- Saturday 10-5

Guided tours: April 5- October 18:
Monday- Saturday: 1700
Sunday: 1030
Meet at the pointed tower


Burgruine Wertheim is situated in the middle of a town. Park in the garage below the castle and then you will have to walk up the back street to the castle ruins.
Schloßgasse 11,
97877 Wertheim, Germany

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