Weingut Maier, Baden-Baden

Weingut Maier, Baden-Baden: Flowers , Wine and Everything Nice


Schnapps Distillery Weingut Maier, Baden-Baden | www.germanyja.comAfter a day tour in the city of Baden-Baden, I was keen to escape the tourist crowd and dine in a local restaurant.  I found a wine tavern called Weingut Maier just 10 minutes bus ride away from the main Baden-Baden train station.

This temporary wine tavern is the first “Strausswirtchaft” in the city of Baden-Baden, and it is celebrating 25 years of anniversary this year! Interestingly, temporary wine taverns in the Baden region are known as “Strausswirtschaften” while those in the Wuerttemberg region are known as “Besenwirtschaften.

Weingut Maier operates a wine tavern, a wine shop and a florist. The beautiful floral shop offers seasonal blooms, potted plants and creative flower arrangements. The wine tavern offers charming service, quality house wine and Schnapps and traditional dishes from the Baden area. There is even Schnapps distillery right in the wine tavern!!!!

As it was the wine harvest season, I had the opportunity to savour “Neuewein” which literally means new wine. It is sometimes known as Federweisser, which means feather white, which is wine that is still in its fermenting stage. This means that the seals of these wine must be loose, otherwise the process could cause the bottles to explode.

To be considered “new wine”, the alcohol content must be at least 4 percent, but since the fermentation process is still in progress, the content may be higher. New wine is traditionally served with Zwiebelkucken which is German onion tart and you may enjoy this pairing in the wine tavern.

Weingut Maier, Baden-Baden | www.germanyja.comAs the season for new wine is extremely short, I did not hesitate to order a glass or two. It has an intense fruity sweetness and tastes very much like quality grape juice. I have wanted to order the famous Alsatian / Baden specialty “Flammkuchen” but they are only available on certain days in the week. Do call to enquire if you wish to order them.

New Wine Weingut Maier, Baden-Baden | www.germanyja.comIn the end, I ordered a plate of Maultschen and my guest ordered a plate of sausage served with sauerkraut to go along with Riesling wine followed by a shot of Schnapps. Prices are extremely reasonable. A seasonal menu is also available. For example, asparagus are served during the harvest season. Overall, we enjoyed our meals and the wine, not to forget the aromatic Schnapps!  

The wine tavern operates from end of March to end of May and from beginning of September to mid of November. Both the wine shop and the florist are opened throughout the year. Weingut Maier also offers a list of wine activities throughout the year, such as walking and mulled wine tasting. Do check out their events calendar for more information.

Weingut Maier Information

Weingut Maier website 

Phone:+49 7221 64197


Karlsruher Str. 8
76532 Baden-Baden

How to get there: Take bus 216 or 243 from the Baden Baden Main Station to Karls-ruher Str. Refer to the bus service map here


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 0900-1200/1500-1800
Wednesday: 0900-1200
Saturday: 0900-1300
Monday: Closed

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