Schloss Lohr

Schloss Lohr, Snow White’s Castle


Schloss Lohr, Snow White's Castle | www.germanyja.comIn a charming little town called Lohr there is a yellow castle called Schloss Lohr that sits staring over the town. This castle isn’t just an ordinary castle though. My husband & I visited the castle because I am obsessed with fairytales and this castle is known as Snow White’s castle.

It is only located about 3 hours from Graf. so it made for a nice day trip. The castle features a museum that I was beyond impressed with because it is beautifully lit with lights, well organized, and the items are well preserved.

Schloss Lohr, Snow White's Castle | www.germanyja.comWhen we walked inside there to help us was a sweet lady who was very informative. There was a small shop to buy some knick-knacks and to your tickets. They also have a variety of magnets and postcards in the village if you would like more knick-knacks.

They gave us a sheet that served as an English accommodation explaining each floor of the castle and another one that explained the Grimm’s Snow White story. The museum taught us about Lohr’s history and the castle as well.

It had a floor on hunting and forestry, natural resources, housing and settlement, a glass floor, mirror floor, and the Snow White story. My favorite floors were the glass and the mirror floors. My husband blamed it on me being a girl who likes sparkly things, haha!

I was admiring these floors for a good solid hour. The best part was that they have the real Snow White mirror that her stepmother owned. My husband even took a selfie in it. How marvelous is that?

Schloss Lohr, Snow White's Castle | www.germanyja.comI found out The Lohr Castle was home of Maria Sophia Margarethe Catharina, born in 1725, and thought to be the true Snow White. The packet told me that the mirrors in the area were said to be so elaborate that they spoke the truth and in the upper corners often had sayings.

Maria’s father was in charge of the glasswork and the mirrors in the town. Another connection is that the dwarfs were thought to be the lower class that often worked in the mines in Bieber where she ran off to over 7 hills through the forest of Spessert. I read that these people due to a lack of nourishment were said to be very short in stature.

It seems that the Grimm brother’s were greatly influenced by her story which led them to create Snow White. I loved the history of this castle and the stories associated with it. It is a must see for lovers of the Grimm stories.

Schloss Lohr, Snow White's Castle |

Schloss Lohr Information

Schloss Lohr website


Adults: €3.00
Students & Seniors: €2.00


Tuesday-Saturday: 1000 – 1600
Sundays and Holidays: 1000 – 1700
Closed on Christmas


Parking deck next to the castle


Schloßplatz 1
97816 Lohr am Main

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