Getting Your Visitors On Post (Yongsan)


Yongsan gate

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There is a lot of information in various places online about how to get a visitor pass for on post at Yongsan. However, even with all the resources I combed through before my parents’ visit, I still had questions and confusion about the process. I thought it might be helpful to some of you if I gathered all the information I got in one place, as well as talking you through the experience we had.

The first thing to do is get a copy of your visitor’s passport information page. Luckily, my family keeps PDF files of each other’s passports in case of emergency, so it was easy enough to print them out.

Then, download USFK Form 82-E, Application for Installation Base Pass, and fill it out. You can get the form here, but if the link has broken just do a web search for “USFK Form 82e” and you should be able to find it with no trouble.

On the form, the instructions are a little unclear. Fill out Section I with the information of your guest; for 11a, Current Address & Phone No., I put our PSC mailing address as well as our house number on post. For 12a, Access Area, I just put Yongsan; be sure to add any other bases if you want access to them with your guests. I left 12b, 12c, 12d, and 12e blank, and checked off “Mil Family Mbr” in 12f. When I got the form back, I noticed “Short Term Visitor” was checked as well. I checked “Initial” in 12g since it was my parents’ first visit. For 13a, b, and c, I put the information for my husband and his job. In 14, I explained that my family was visiting from the USA and put the arrival and departure dates.

I filled out Section II wrong, so when I tried to turn in the forms, the man at the counter handed me a white-out pen and had me fix it. You actually put your guest’s information here once again. For Grade/Rank, put “Civilian”, and for Job Title put their relationship to the sponsor – for my father, for example, I put “Father-in-law.” You can leave the rest of the blocks blank. Just have your sponsor sign and date the form in Section III.

Now to turn the forms and passport copies in – try to do this at least 10 days before your visitor arrives, though I got the forms back in 2 business days. I read that they are submitted at the USAG Yongsan headquarters, where the Directorate of Emergency Services is, but that building was surprisingly hard to find on any of my 6 different Yongsan maps. If the ACS building is on your right and Dragon Hill fitness club is on your left, take a left at the next four-way stop and go to the end of that road. Turn left, and go to the end of the parking lot. The entrance to the Directorate of Emergency Services is there on the side of the building. You will go back to that same place to pick up the completed forms; they should tell you when to come back when you drop off the forms initially.

Once you have the forms, you have to take your visitors to Camp Kim. However, if your guests come in on the evening of December 23rd, for example, the Camp Kim pass processing office will be closed for the next two days, four days if the 24th happens to be a Thursday which it was this year.

Until the office is open, you can use only Gate #1 – the Dragon Hill Lodge gate – or Gate #13 – the South Post Visitor Center Gate. You cannot drive through, either – if you’re in a vehicle, get out and walk through with your guests. They will need to show their passport, as well as leave their driver’s license at the gate. The guard will give them a pass in return, linked to your ID (I was able to sign them in and out; it doesn’t have to be the military sponsor doing it). Two very important things at this point: always leave out the same gate you came in with your guests! – and be sure to come back to the gate at least once every 24 hours to sign them out and then back in.

Once Camp Kim has resumed its normal operating hours, you can go get the passes made and have your guests entered into DBIDS (Defense Biometric Identification System), which means they can then use any gate. The office is the same place you go to register your POV. Your guests will have their photos taken, left and right hand fingerprints entered into the system, and an ID printed out right there.

Yongsan map


If you’re driving to Camp Kim, be sure to take a look at this map so that you can get there easily – the no unprotected left turn thing here makes it more challenging than it should be! Here are the accompanying directions:

Directions to Camp Kim from Gate #1

  1. Make a left as you exit the Gate #1.
  2. Continue to head straight.
  3. Follow the slight merge to the right and continue straight towards the main intersection.
  4. Once at the main intersection continue straight and travel across the bridge.
  5. Make a right at the end of the bridge and follow the road straight to the main intersection.
  6. Once at the main intersection head straight through the tunnel under the subway rails to the main intersection.
  7. Once at the main intersection make a right and follow the road straight and Camp Kim will be on the right.

Directions to Camp Kim from Gate #19

  1. Make a left as you exit Gate #19.
  2. Follow the road straight to the traffic signal and make a left turn.
  3. After the left turn continue straight to the main intersection.
  4. Once left turn is made follow the road straight past three more traffic signals and Camp Kim will be on the right.

Many thanks to Anjali for giving us these detailed instructions for getting visitors onto Yongsan. If you live at a different installation in Korea, we’d love a similar writeup with all these particulars. Thanks!


One thought on “Getting Your Visitors On Post (Yongsan)

  1. Erika says:

    Can you tell me the easiest directions from Gate 13? I have had a hard time getting my visitors signed in since they always initially sign in at Gate 13 and then I have to sign them back out at Gate 13 and then figure out how to get to Camp Kim. It’s a huge pain in the butt and I keep thinking surely there is an easier way. ?


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