Burgruine Wolfstein


Burgruine Wolfstein |www.germanyja.comHave you ever visited a castle that seemed to illuminate? Burgruine Wolfstein appeared to me in this way as the light from the sun playfully danced and reflected off of the soft and smooth grey stones. It was so beautiful to me, it was almost heartbreaking. I wanted to spend every day among the walls. My husband practically had to drag me away. This is what happens at most castles we visit though, let’s be real!

This castle can easily be visited in an hour or less and is only located one hour from Grafenwöhr. One thing I loved about the ruins was, it had German panels to read about the castle. I have visited this location many times and it has never had more than about ten people visiting at once so that is really nice to not feel overwhelmed by a crowd.

Burgruine Wolfstein |www.germanyja.comI researched Burgruine Wolfstein and discovered that it dates from the 12th century, and during the Landshut War of Succession in the 16th century it was abandoned and fell. Archaeology excavations began in 1997, and it is still currently being repaired. So if you do decide to visit make sure that it is not closed for repair, because the website informed me that they often close during the winter months for this purpose.

These ruins have been my favorite so far because of the drawbridge and huge moat surrounding it. The views from the castle are also my favorite because it offered so many different positions looming over the city.  It is the easiest castle to access among the ruins that I have been to, because you can park at the top of the castle.

Burgruine Wolfstein |www.germanyja.comMy husband and I actually had our Christmas photo shoot done at Burgruine Wolfstein and there was another couple that same day that was having a photo shoot done. The easy accessibility helps make it a great location for a photo shoot.

This castle, like most, has a restaurant located directly next to it. Since I am picky we have not yet eaten there, but it seemed to be charming and popular. If you would like a quick day trip this this castle is wonderful!

Tips For Your Trip:

Burgruine Wolfstein website


There are signs directing you to the castle- park in the lot next to the castle.

Wolfstein 1
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany 92318

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