Burgruine Kürnberg


Burgruine Kürnberg Germany | www.germanyja.comIt feels like forever since we last visited a castle ruin! I think September was the last time we visited one. We’ve been long overdue for a visit! We had a free day, so we plugged in the address to our GPS and we were off!

Burgruine Kürnberg is tucked upon a wooded forest, approximately 1km north-east from Stamsried. There are signs in the city that direct you to the parking area for the castle ruins.

The path from the parking lot has a highly interesting nature trail. It passes through the area in front of the western bailey of the castle, and leads up to the foundation of the gate to the north, and a few overgrown remains of walls are present.

Burgruine Kürnberg Germany | www.germanyja.comThe main entrance gate of the castle has a narrow, wooden bridge which is newer, and leads over the moat to the first courtyard of the main castle.

The late-Gothic castle ruins Kürnberg is one of the youngest castle ruins in the area, and is a sprawling castle that has a moat, three courtyards, two gatehouses, a main palace, and several partly semicircular towers. There is also a fire pit in the courtyard below the castle.

The main castle is divided into three parts: the structural assembly to the first courtyard which is secured by a gate tower with two passes, a battlement on the outside wall with loopholes at ground level, and a large battery tower in the large courtyard where wooden utility buildings were safely housed (a long time ago).

Burgruine Kürnberg 2The tower-like, rectangular palace has a basement and upstairs over large, thick stones. The castle had no keep (or dungeon). Outside of the main castle, extensive remains of the inner and outer ward walls have been well preserved. In 1634, the castle was in the Thirty Years’ War, where it was destroyed during a siege by the Swedes, and lapsed. In the late 1970’s, the ruins had been completely refurbished by the local historical society.

We must have come at a great time because there was no one in the ruins! I was able to let our dog Rylie roam around off-leash and she followed us around the ruins. We climbed to the top of the tower, and got some great pictures of the top.

The beautiful location, unique views from the palace, and the good state of preservation make Kürnberg an ideal place to visit. The area is well suited for hiking, besides the short hike up the hill, on the forest trail, to the castle.

Burgruine Kürnberg Germany | www.germanyja.comAdditional Info:

Burgruine Kürnberg websiteBurgruine Kürnberg Germany | www.germanyja.com

Open every day

Hike up to Castle: ~1km from parking lot to the top


Kürnberg 1
93491 Stamsried



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