Opera in Daegu


Opera Daegu-002

The Egyptians have captured and enslaved Aida, an Ethiopian princess. An Egyptian military commander, Radamès, struggles to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh. To complicate the story further, the Pharaoh’s daughter Amnesia is in love with Radamès, although he does not return her feelings.
Relax – I just went to the Opera. Opera in Daegu, you say?
Heck yes. I put on my favorite little black dress and had a blast. Since 2004, the Daegu Opera House Foundation has offered a full schedule of both local and well-known popular operas, concerts, musicals and ballets like Aida and Figaro. We paid 30,000 Won each for our tickets, plus a 4,000 Won fee for purchasing them online.
Opera Daegu-003
And you don’t even have to memorize the words. An English version program is available for purchase and the words are displayed in both English and Hangul overhead so you can keep up if your Italian isn’t up to snuff. See where the green AIDA is over the stage, as well as on the screen on the main floor on either side of the floor opposite the orchestra pit.
My husband and I attended the performance of Aida this weekend and were pleased with both the singing, music and venue, even though I purchased our seats late. We got the last of four seats and were not able to sit besides one another.
Opera Daegu
The Daegu Opera House is a mostly Asian cast that has won awards all over the world. It holds an annual Daegu International Opera Festival every October or November. Daegu International Opera Festival is the representative music festival in Korea that Daegu citizens love, and the largest International Opera Festival in Asia, with yearly productions in both China and Germany.
Get there early for the great people watching, a few pictures or a coffee in the lobby. No drinks other than water are allowed inside the theatre. While its just a 6 minute walk from Daegu Station, the best way to visit the opera house is by taxi.
For information contact the Daegu Opera Foundation at http://english.daeguoperahouse.org/main/main.asp.
For more articles like this go to www.duffelbagspouse.com.

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