Tierpark Rohrensee

CONTRIBUTED BY ALEXIS TUCKERTierpark Rohrensee Germany |www.germanyja.comEvery once in a while when we feel like our dog needs extra attention we have a day that we focus on her. Since we have been gone looking at the castles a lot lately we wanted to make our dog, June, feel special. We took her to a park called Tierpark Rohrensee to look at the animals and to go for a walk there.

Tierpark Rohrensee Germany |www.germanyja.comIt was a beautiful day and she even saw one of her doggie friends there, Winston. She made friends with one of the little deer looking critters there and it kept following us. It was adorable and I really wanted to take it home! I was surprised at the variety and amount of animals that the park had. The pond was also gorgeous and was thriving with wild life. We saw a beaver, many ducks, and fish all splashing around in the water.

Tierpark Rohrensee Germany |www.germanyja.comThe park was not only dog friendly, but kid friendly too. I would suggest making it a family day if you go. My husband and I noted the really cool playgrounds they had and how they looked so different from the states. In addition to family time, it would make a nice place to have a small picnic with your spouse as well.

Tierpark Rohrensee Germany |www.germanyja.comTierpark Rohrensee should take about an hour and a half to two hours to walk the area and look at the park animals. It is about an hour from Grafenwöhr and it is very close to the Hermitage Palace. The park even had a cute restaurant where you could grab a bite to eat.

They had paddle boats next to the restaurant as well, but since we had June I didn’t know if we were allowed to rent one and let her ride. I am hoping we can go back together without June and rent one.

It was free parking and free to walk around and see the animals. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Tierpark Rohrensee Information


Pottensteiner Strabe 5
Bayreuth, Bavaria Germany

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