Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic


Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.comWhen we travel to the Czech Republic you have to purchase the vignette, and since we already had one from our a recent trip to Prague, we decided to take advantage of it and cross the border again. This time we headed to the Pilsen Urquell Brewery.

The brewery is located in Pilsen, which is about 1.5 hours away from where we live near Grafenwöhr, Germany. Since things are open on Sundays in the Czech Republic, we decided to save the trip for Sunday when things are closed in Germany.

Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.comToday, around 70% of beer brewed worldwide can trace its origins back to Pilsner Urquell. Beer has been brewed in Pilsen since the 1200s, but for centuries this was dark beer. In 1842 Pilsner Urquell changed the beer world forever, producing the world’s first golden lager. This was achieved through a new technique of fermentation and by storing the beer in cold cellars cut into rock.

When my brothers were here we stopped off in Pilsen on our way back from Prague, we had just missed the English tour so we decided just to eat then headed home. This time, I got the time wrong and we were early for the tour.

Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.comThe English tour is 199 CZK (about $8.00). If you have a student ID, it’s only 104 CZK (about $4.00). I’ve noticed that if you have a student ID things are just a little bit cheaper at many venues in Europe! Every little bit helps. Tickets sales are only available in person. It was simple enough to buy it. You walk right in and purchase it at guest services.

Since we were early for the tour, we decided to get some food. But the restaurant was packed and there was no space for us to sit, so instead we sat outside and had a drink before the tour started!

Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.comThe tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery begins with a film showing the evolution of Pilsner Urquell, followed by a visit to the brewery museum, which is full of historical beer brewing equipment.

From there, we tour the modern Pilsner Urquell brewing plant to learn how science has transformed the process, before heading off into the vast cellars to explore the malt house and the traditional art of barrel making.

The tour was pretty interesting. I’m not a big fan of beer, but to hear that they have been brewing beer in the same place since 1200 was pretty amazing!

Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.comBy the time our tour was over, the restaurant had emptied out and we were able to grab some food. Czech food is amazing! Last time I went to Pilsen my brothers and I had an early dinner at the restaurant, the food didn’t disappoint. I had the pork shoulder with bread dumplings and spinach, Drew had a pork dish as well with sauerkraut and bread dumpling.  Amazing food!

I’d go back again just for the food!

We had a nice day in Pilsen.  It was nice hearing about the history of the Brewery. We even got to taste some of the unpasteurized beer. If you ever get the chance, I would definitely suggest heading to the Pilsen Brewery.  Maybe next time we’ll spent time in the actual city!

Note: Teanna first published this article on her website, then graciously shared it with Germany Ja. Pilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.com

Tips For Your Trip: 

Pilsen Urquell Brewery websitePilsen Urquell Brewery, Czech Republic | www.germanyja.com


U Prazdroje 7
304 97 Plzeň, Czech Republic


English tours are 199 CZK or $8

Opening Hours:

April: 0800 – 1800
May – September: 0800 – 1900
October – March: 0800 – 1700

English Tour Times:

May vary according to season; it’s best to check their website
Monday to Friday: 1300, 1445, 1630
Saturday to Sunday: 1045, 1300, 1445, 1630

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