Berliner Kunstmarkt

Stumbling Upon Works of Art at the Berliner Kunstmarkt


Berliner Kunstmarkt | www.germanyja.comSometimes, the most special places to visit are discovered by accident.  This has happened a few times to me during my travels so far.  I came across a section of the original city wall in Brussels after a glance down an alley while crossing a street.  A leisurely stroll through a tiny village revealed the ruins of a chapel that was last used three hundred years ago.   

Nearly every trip I take provides the opportunity to find one of these hidden gems.  However, I would miss these places completely if I didn’t take the time to look past the items on my must-see list and open my eyes to the special places each village or city has to offer.  Unsurprisingly, I stumbled upon one such place while wandering the streets of Berlin’s Museum Island.

Berliner Kunstmarkt | www.germanyja.comMost travelers to Berlin will carve out some time to visit Museum Island.  It houses several world-class museums with ancient treasures that it would be a shame to pass up seeing.  However, tucked between museums on Am Zeughaus, a modern treasure can be found.  Right next to the Deutsches Historisches Museum, explorers will come across the Berliner Kunstmarkt, or the Berlin Art Market.  

This art market is an open-air market that lines both sides of the street.  Artists set up their booths most Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM and display their works to local collectors and visitors to Berlin.

Berliner Kunstmarkt | www.germanyja.comArtists apply to reserve booth space, and organizers try to find a balance between classical visual arts such as painting and sculpture and what the market’s website refers to as “new” visual arts to include photography, fashion, and digital art.  Artists selected to participate in the market are supposed to present their own works rather than those produced industrially.  The market provides the opportunity for visitors to meet local artists whose creations are on sale at the market or who could be commissioned to create individualized works of art.

The result is a venue that offers a diverse selection of artwork.  Visitors can find handicrafts that can be used or worn from day to day or fine works of art that will decorate their homes for years to come.   My family and I found several pieces that we enjoyed enough to take home with us as reminders of the time we spent in Berlin.

Berliner Kunstmarkt | www.germanyja.comThe market is open most weekends including some approved Berlin holidays.  For current information about holidays when the market is open or closed, you can visit the Berliner Kunstmarkt website.  A few times a year, the market expands to include fashion designers who are given the chance to showcase and sell their creations.  The fashion market is in addition to the weekly art market, so those weekends provide extra special opportunities to find unique items to purchase.  The website provides the dates for the expanded fashion markets.

For more information about the Berliner Kunstmarkt, you can visit Berliner Kunstmarkt website or email  The market is located at Am Zeughaus 1-2, Berlin, Germany.  The market deserves a place on your itinerary when visiting Berlin, and, who knows, you might stumble upon another hidden treasure while traveling to the Berliner Kunstmarkt.

Berliner Kunstmarkt | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Berliner Kunstmarkt website



Am Zeughaus 1-2
10117 Berlin, Germany


Saturdays & Sundays: 1100-1700
Also open on some holidays, check the website

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