Donaustauf Castle Ruins


Donaustauf Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comRarely do castle ruins impress my husband. It’s probably because we have gone to so many of them, haha! However, he was anticipating the Donaustauf Castle Ruins due to having seen them from a helicopter above. Who is to blame him?

Donaustauf Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comWith views of the Danube River and a snow covered Walhalla, the trip was exactly what we wanted. Much of the castle ruins are still standing today. The castle originally stretched over the entire hill with a size of three hectare! 

Donaustauf Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comOne of the best things about these ruins was how it felt almost untouched. We only saw two other people roaming the grounds during the time we were there. The view looking down on the well and surrounding walls was also most impressive. I was excited for every corner and each area had a new and awe-inspiring view to offer. 

Donaustauf Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comThe pillars shown below, although replicas, stand out against the ruins. They feature a semicircular niche with cushioned columns. It has a very Romanesque type appearance.

Donaustauf Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comTake the opportunity to make magical memories with your children or your darling exploring the ruins for the afternoon. With a blue and magenta painted sky sprawled out like a painting in a fairytale book, you surely won’t regret it.

Donaustauf Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comNote: Alexis originally published this article on her site and then shared it with Germany Ja as well. 


Dog Friendly: YES
Stroller Friendly: NO
Restroom: Not that we could find.
Parking: Free throughout the town or right below the castle in front of the cemetery
Hours: EVERYDAY during daylight hours
Admission: FREE


(We used the address below to  get close.)
Kantstraße 5
93093 Donaustauf, Germany

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