Sabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern


Sabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comSabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comSabor is a very unique restaurant, for they don’t really have a menu.  This Brazilian restaurant has a “menu” that consists of a list of meats that are delivered to your table in rounds.  Waiters haul huge slabs of them around to the tables and don’t go back to the kitchen until they’ve depleted their stock.  

The first waiter arrived with spare ribs, the next rumpsteak, then bacon-wrapped pork.  Following that was grilled chicken and chicken hearts for the adventurous.  I tried them and liked them despite the rubbery consistency that you cannot avoid when eating organ meats.  Next came other beef and pork varieties. The rounds keep repeating themselves until all the patrons become well-rounded themselves.

 Sabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comThere is an actual cold salad buffet and then a hot side dish buffet variation.  You either choose the meats with the buffets or just cold salad buffet or just the hot side dish buffet variation.  Although both are touted as Brazilian, the salad buffet looked rather German to me.  The typical kraut and potato salad were there, along with German spiced lentils, pastas, and beans.  Our table chose to do both the buffets and the meat rounds which proved to be complete overkill.  I also had the misfortune of visiting this restaurant with a vegan, and her scoffing at every spit pierced chunk of meat that was donned on our plates became ever harder to hear.  At one point, however, one of the waiters said to me, “I’m glad you’re here”.  Now, I don’t know if he just says that to all the patrons, but it made me feel special and despite the company I was with, actually glad I was there.

Sabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comAfter so much meat, it was welcoming to see the waiters wrap up the evening with another grilled delicacy that was meatless—pineapple.  The fruit had a special cinnamon dusting and was sliced off the spit just like the meat.  If you want to order a dessert off the menu, there are lemon, coconut, orange, and pineapple sorbets that are served in their own lemons, coconuts, oranges, and pineapples.

The décor is spacious and fine.  When the weather is good, there is a great patio area to bask on.  They of course offer the traditional Brazilian cocktails such as Caipirinhas and real Brazilian beer.  I wanted to try something even more different, however, and opted for a mango/jalapeno schnapps.  This tasted as unique as it sounds!

As the evening winded down, patrons slowly but surely could not eat another bite.  This was when, in keeping with this restaurant’s unique offerings, Sabor began to offer a “night life”.  A small band began to play Brazilian music whose sounds floated through the establishment in a welcome wave that let us temporarily forget our bulging stomachs.  The best part, however, was a live Brazilian supermodel.  This beautiful Brazilian woman of Amazon height was dressed in traditional costume mirroring the carnival attire and craziness that sweeps the country each year.  Her enthusiasm was unmatched; she actually got every patron, myself included, to get out of our chairs and dance with her, despite the extra ten pounds everyone was carrying as a result of this all-you-can-eat experience.

Sabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern | www.germanyja.comThis part of the evening I truly enjoyed, as it was nice to finally be with jolly people who embraced me like family after I had ended up there by myself, the company I was with having long gone and the vegan having left even earlier, in a huff.

Meat lovers who love to eat lots of meat will love this place.  All-you-can-eats are not recommended for everyone, however.  These invariably cause people to eat too much, much more than they normally would to “get their money’s worth”.  Plus the indigestion and fullness caused afterwards by overeating is highly unpleasant.  If you need to gain a few pounds and wish to try out Brazilian dance routines while feeling part of a group, however, go for it!

Tips For Your Trip:

Sabor WebsiteSabor Brazilian Restaurant, Kaiserslautern |
Phone: 0631-31030537


Mainzerstr. 122
67657 Kaiserslautern


Tuesday – Sunday: 1800 – 2400
Closed Mondays

Meal Options & Pricing:

All-you-can-eat meats with two salad buffets: €33.50
All-you-can-eat cold salad buffet: €15.00
All-you-can-eat warm side-dish buffet: €18.00

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