IFC Mall in Yeouido


IFC Mall-001

The IFC (International Finance Center) Mall on Yeouido Island is one of the newest malls in Seoul, and that shows in its bright, airy, open floor plan. It’s directly connected to Yeouido subway station, which makes it the perfect destination on a cold or rainy day.

 IFC Mall-002

If you enter from the subway, there’s a long hallway of shops and moving sidewalks along the way to the entrance to the main part of the mall. Here you can find brands such as Aritaum, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, and others. Once you’re in the mall proper, there are three floors in an open design with lots of natural light and a modern feel.

The shops offer a high level of familiarity for the American shopper: The Body Shop, Banana Republic, H&M, L’Occitane, Lush, Gap, Guess, and Hollister, just to name a few, as well as familiar Asian brands such as Uniqlo, YP Books, and 8Seconds. There are many coffee shops scattered throughout, and the lowest level has a large CGV movie theater as well as a food court and multiple stand-alone restaurants.

IFC Mall-007

Although we weren’t there at a mealtime, we found many food options we’d like to return and try, and we did order fresh juice at a little juice bar. I had the most delicious strawberry-orange juice with real pieces of strawberry in it (seasonal only, sadly), and my husband tried a pineapple-strawberry-orange juice that he said was very good.

IFC Mall

             IFC Mall-004      IFC Mall-003

In the food court, it looks like you order in one of the locations that says “Tickets” and then pick up your food instead of ordering at each individual counter the way you do in the U.S. We spent a good amount of time browsing in a gourmet food shop which had multiple counters and selling areas, including a good selection of wine.

IFC Mall-006

IFC Mall-005

There was some sort of book festival going on at the mall when we visited, and there were cute little shelves filled with books decorating the interior area. The basement has a big play area near the movie theater.
IFC Mall-008

If you’re longing for an American-style mall, IFC is definitely a great place to visit. It’s not overwhelmingly large, but still has a great selection of shops and dining establishments.

IFC Mall in Yeouido

Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm; Business hours vary by store

Website: www.ifcmallseoul.com/eng/main.do

Phone: 02.6137.5000

Address: 10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

GPS Coordinates:

Directions: Take Subway Line 5 or 9 to Yeouido Station and proceed to Exit 3, which connects directly to the mall.

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