Burg Leuchtenberg


Burg Leuchtenberg Germany | www.germanyja.com

I am always searching high and low for a nearby castle to visit. Upon researching for hours to find a list I discovered Leuchtenberg. It is only located about 40 minutes from Grafenwoehr. I learned that they do a medieval festival there annually. I really wish we had gone during the festival, but we had already missed it by the time I found an address for the castle.

The castle was built be the Landgraves, an influential noble family during the 1300’s. They were a ruling dynasty in the Middle Ages in Bavaria, but they left the castle in 1322 and today it is used as a venue.

Burg Leuchtenberg Germany | www.germanyja.comThe first time we visited the castle it was an overcast day. We drove into the town and immediately saw the castle right in the center of the town. When we arrived a wedding was in session so we had to leave. It seemed that we weren’t the only people that showed up that day expecting to visit the castle. There were about 15 other people that were hanging about trying to get tickets that day. We went the following week and the weather was even better and the temperature just right.

Burg Leuchtenberg Germany | www.germanyja.comThey had a small booth right before entering the castle where you could purchase cards, pins, and your tickets. I thought it was interesting that they charged at this castle to bring your dog. I had never seen that before. We bought a pendant and our tickets upon exiting since when we arrived there was nobody to be found.

Burg Leuchtenberg Germany | www.germanyja.comThe castle had a small museum with information about the castle’s history and the previous owners. Spread about the castle we found a variety of torture devices that made me cringe just thinking about how awful it would have been to be put in them. When searching online I read about how the castle stands on a 585 meter high mountain, but I wasn’t expecting the striking autumn foliage view the hill had to offer of the valley. It is worth the visit if you are in the area.

Burg Leuchtenberg Germany | www.germanyja.comInformation:

Burg Leuchtenberg website

Parking: FREE directly next to the castle

Restroom: Located next to the castle


Burgweg 4
92705 Leuchtenberg

Admission Fee:

Adults: €2.00
Children & Dogs: €1.00


April 1st- October 31st:

Tuesday-Sunday: 0930 – 1200 / 1400 – 1700


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