Ganesha Indian Restaurant, Weiden

Ganesha Indian Restaurant


Ganesha Indian Restaurant Weiden, Germany | www.germanyja.comIf you’ve been to downtown Weiden you will see a strip of places to eat while you are shopping. After going to the same types of restaurants and cafes they start to get boring. You can only eat gyros, schnitzel, and pasta so much before it becomes bland. If you’ve been in Germany for more than a few months you understand what I mean.

When my husband and I arrived to Weiden to do a little shopping after a long weekend we took a stroll through the gardens. Afterwards, we went exploring past a small love lock bridge. Then we came across the Ganesha Indian Restaurant. We liked the style and inviting nature the restaurant offered, so we walked inside. We were further satisfied with the inside décor. Beautiful tapestries, paintings, fringe, and lights were hanging about. The restaurant had a soft red light which filled the rooms, creating a tranquil feeling.

Ganesha Indian Restaurant Weiden, Germany | www.germanyja.comThe waiter spoke German, Indian, and English. I was really impressed by that. He provided us really elaborately styled menus with a large variety of Indian dishes. One of the things I loved was that they had a vegetarian section for me to browse.

We went all out and ordered garlic naan, tomato soup, and fried chickpea mushrooms to share. They also brought us this flat crispy seeded bread called papadum along with four dips. By the time we ate all of that I was stuffed. Like a man, my husband pushed himself to keep eating, haha. He had a curry chicken and rice entrée which was a very generous portion and they provided him with more naan, but it was plain instead of garlic. He had a take home box by the end of the night. They then gave us this rice that tasted similar to licorice.

Ganesha Indian Restaurant Weiden, Germany | www.germanyja.comThe staff was so efficient and polite. Including our three drinks, our meal was only €30.00! If you’re looking for a meal with flavor and zest and a unique place to eat, go get a meal at Ganesha Indian Restaurant. You are sure to be in taste bud heaven.

Ganesha Indian Restaurant Weiden, Germany | www.germanyja.comTips for Your Trip:

Ganesha Indian Restaurant Weiden, Germany | www.germanyja.comGanesha Weiden website


Wiesenstraße 1,
92637 Weiden in der Oberpfalz


Lunch (lunch special 5 euro): 1100 – 1400
Dinner: 1700-2300

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