Walhalla Memorial


Walhalla Memorial | www.germanyja.comA little outside of Regensburg, is the Walhalla Memorial. The monumental building is located in Donaustauf, just 12 km from Regensburg. The Walhalla memeorial is a hall of fame that honors laudable, distinguished people and famous personalities in German history – politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue. The hall is housed in a neo-classical building above the Danube River, east of Regensburg, in Bavaria, Germany.  The Walhalla is named for Valhalla of Norse mythology.

Walhalla Memorial | www.germanyja.comIt was conceived in 1807 by Crown Prince Ludwig, who built it upon ascending the throne of Bavaria as King Ludwig I. Construction took place between 1830 and 1842, under the supervision of architect Leo von Klenze. The memorial displays 65 plaques and 130 busts of people, covering 2,000 years of history – the earliest person honored is Arminius, victor of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

There are two ways to check out this fabulous memorial, you can either take a cruise on the Danube River, get off at the port, climb the steps to the top, then wait for the next ferry. Or you could drive yourself to the top, and park and climb a flight of stairs down to the bottom, then back up to the top.Walhalla Memorial | www.germanyja.com

We chose to drive to the top ourselves. To get up to the memorial, it’s maybe a 10 minute walk on a path. (Not to worry it’s all marked and semi paved)

The monument is considered the most important classical building of the 19th century. You could easily spend a couple hours here enjoying the views of the Danube River and walking around the marvelous structure, perfect day trip, or trip to combine if you’re heading to Regensburg.


Walhalla Memorial | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Location:Walhalla Memorial | www.germanyja.com

Walhallastraße 48
93093 Donaustauf


April – September: 0900 – 1745
October: 0900 – 1645
November – March: 1000 – 1145 & 1300 – 1545


Adults: €4.00
Students 14 and up & Seniors: €3.00
Children 0-13: Free



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