Waldenburg Castle


Waldenburg Castle | www.germanyja.comOn a pit stop during a recent trip across Germany, the silvery morning light began to appear, and we noticed a castle prominently sitting upon the mountain behind the gas station. It was so distinctive among the hills that rolled around it. After grabbing a drink and a snack we decided to follow the winding road up the mountain to get a better view of it.

Waldenburg Castle | www.germanyja.comAs we drove onward the road got more and more narrow. I started to get a little anxious, until I spotted the castle. It was literally the entrance to the town. I pulled into the museum parking spot in front of the castle. Since I wasn’t feeling well we quickly walked around taking in every curve and every stunning arch of the castle’s architecture as quickly as we could. As we walked around I got the feeling that the castle walls for the most part remained and enwrapped around the entire town. Due to the wind nipping at our noses and hands we didn’t explore for too long to try to find out. I snapped a few shots of the cozy homes below as smoke poured out of their chimney’s to keep those inside cozy and warm. With numb hands and an ache for warmth we rushed back to the car for heat before we embarked on the rest of our journey home. 

Waldenburg Castle | www.germanyja.comOnce we got home I researched to find out more about the castle. I discovered that the Hohenlohe family has owned the castle since the 13th century. The castle was gutted by fire in 1945 and has been partially reconstructed. The entire town was almost completely destroyed in the last few days of WWII. It is now a museum of the seals from the Thousand Years. I will definitely have to go back to visit the museum one day.

Waldenburg Castle | www.germanyja.comWhether you’re driving through on your way to Ramstein or Landstuhl from the Graf area or looking for a day-trip only two hours away I don’t think this castle will disappoint. Not to forget, within a 30 mile radius there are at least two other castles on castle road!

Tips For Your Trip:

Waldenburg Castle website

Phone: 079421040


Schlossstrasse 16 74638 Waldenburg

Museum hours: 

WEEKDAYS for groups by appointment

Note: Alexis originally published this article here and then shared it with Germany Ja. 

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