Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart


Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart;

I had oh so much fun last weekend at Frühlingsfest! Let me explain briefly. Fruhlingsfest, also known as Spring Fest (Frühling = Spring, Fest = fest) is noticeably similar to Oktoberfest but on a smaller scale. Spring Fest has the tents reminiscent of Oktoberfest’s famous tents, but smaller and more local.

Stuttgart holds Europe’s second largest beer festival for Oktoberfest (next to Munich), which is in Bad Canstatt (near Stuttgart…one train stop past in fact). There are three tents set up in the spring and they are there for Oktoberfest as well. I am not positive if this is particular to our area only, but the fest is held at the same place that our Oktoberfest is at. So if you don’t want to deal with absolute mayhem but still want a taste of good ol’ German Festivities, I suggest heading out to Spring Fest and participating in the tents festivities.

We have been mostly to the Gockelesmaier tent aka the Chicken Tent! It is true to its name in that it serves 1/2 chickens with bread and their infamous chicken song is played throughout the day. If you ever come to Germany for Spring Fest or Oktoberfest, you will quickly learn that all tents play the same 15 songs over and over and over again. Don’t fret though, all can be sang while holding your 1 liter beer and swaying along to each tune (or falling back onto the person behind you. Hopefully that is after a few liters though!).

We used our time at Frühlingsfest to say goodbye to a friend who is PCSing soon. What better way to say bye than to drink liters of beers and hang out at fest together?!

Did I mention I cannot wait until the next time I go to Fruhlingsfest?! Life is not complete without a trip to a beer tent in Germany…just saying…

Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart; Tips For Your Trip:

General tips:

  • With each tent ticket you will get: a wristband showing you have a reserved spot, three coins that you can trade for a liter mug of beer, and a card that you can trade for a plate of chicken and a brochen. 
  • If you reserve with a group, your table will be marked on the end with your group’s name. If you are not there, anyone else can come to your table, but you have the right to ask them to leave so your group can be there.
  • Servers will come around with beer and chicken. Raise your chicken card or coins to show what you would like. Often Euro coin tips are given with delivery. Do not give up your card or beer coin until you have your order in front of you.
  • The nearest train station is Bad Cannstatt. It is on the S1 (green), S2 (red) and S3 (orange) lines. The fest grounds are about a 5 minute walk from the station.


Here is the website for the tent we were in.

And here is the website for the Frühlingsfest.

Dates and Times:

18 April to 10 May 2015

Monday to Thursday: 12 – 23 clock

Wednesday: 12 – 24 clock

Saturday: 11-24 Clock

Friday: 11-23 Clock


Admission to the festival is free, but there are costs to ride the rides, reserve your seat in the tent and for food and drink. The prices vary depending on the day, with weekends being the most expensive.


Cannstatter Volksfest

Mercedessrasse 50

70372 Stuttgart

Great set of directions for all modes of transportation

Note: Brea first published this post for her website, but graciously shared us with us here as well. Thanks Brea!

There is also a Frühlingsfest in Nürnberg/Nuremberg.

Nürnberg Frühlingsfest

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