Scharfrichter Museum & Burg Pottenstein


Scharfrichter Museum & Burg Pottenstein Germany | www.germanyja.comIf you haven’t already been to Pottenstein than you are missing out. They have a wide variety of places to visit and things to do in the area. My husband and I have visited a couple of times because we can never do everything that there is to offer in just one day. Two of the places we really enjoyed that I never hear people speak of were the Scharfrichter Torture Museum and castle Burg Pottenstein. If you enjoy history you will enjoy both of these museums a great deal.

The Scharfrichter Museum is located in the center of downtown Pottenstein. The museum stands out because of the building being a bright red color and it is located directly next to the old church. It is a Middle Ages executioner exhibition and although it is a small museum it has a wide variety of torture devices people used during that time.

Scharfrichter Museum Pottenstein Germany | www.germanyja.comThe creators’ minds were truly out there to be able to create such intense and what must have been the utmost excruciating painful devices. My husband and I really liked the werewolf head that they had on exhibit there because we love legends and mythology. If you are interested in oddity museums this is the place for you.

Scharfrichter Museum Pottenstein Germany | www.germanyja.comBurg Pottenstein is one of the oldest castles of the Franconian Switzerland. It was built around 1000. It houses a small, lovely museum as well. The castle sits on a very steep cliff that can be viewed from all over Pottenstein. It is picturesque and looks like something out of a travel magazine. There is a bit of a tedious climb you must take once within the castle on a staircase. The view makes the work of climbing the stairs well worth it when you reach the top. You can view the countryside from the small garden area.

Scharfrichter Museum & Burg Pottenstein Germany | www.germanyja.comThe museum holds old military items and artifacts from all eras. Another interesting exhibit is the room that is preserved to look like it would have originally during the time the castle was in use. Parts of the castle are still inhabited; therefore, those parts can’t be visited. Check out the hiking trails near the castle if you have spare time because there is a stone maze, a sunflower field, and more that you can see along your hike.

Scharfrichter Museum Information:Scharfrichter Museum & Burg Pottenstein Germany |

Scharfrichter Museum website

Admission prices:

Individual: €4.50
Groups of 3 or more: €4.00/person

Opening times:

Easter – the end of October
Tuesday – Sunday: 1300 – 1700


Scharfrichtermuseum Pottenstein
Hauptstrasse 16
91278 Pottenstein

Burg Pottenstein Information:

Burg Pottenstein website

Admission prices:

Adults: €5.00
Children 15 and younger: €2.50

Opening times:

Tuesday-Sunday: 1000 – 1700
The last admission is at 4:30


Burg Strasse 13
91278 Pottenstein

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