Waldeck Castle Ruins


Waldeck Castle Ruins Germany | www.germanyja.comMy husband, Thomas, and I decided to take advantage of the nice day and drove to the Waldeck ruins since they are only 30 minutes from Grafenwoehr. We somehow found ourselves hiking up the worst way possible through a ton of wispy woods that kept smacking us in the face and mossy stones that we continuously slipped on.

Waldeck Castle Ruins Germany | www.germanyja.comOnce we reached the top , while we were in mid conversation, we were interrupted by the demanding beauty of the sun setting on the land. It is difficult to describe the variety of levels and passages we discovered as we looked out at possibly the most majestic sunset I have ever seen. I told my husband and our friend that I felt like I was in The Lion King. One of my favorite views looking out was of a huge hill near our home that Thomas and I hiked in the summer.

Waldeck Castle Ruins Germany | www.germanyja.comBelow I included a picture of what the castle originally looked like via a model. The castle was built in the 12th century. Waldeck’s town was not built along the side of the castle until the fire of 1794.The walled steps that lead upwards was only recently discovered. After an unsuccessful siege the castle was ruined in 1705. Since then it has gone through many renovations.

Waldeck Castle Ruins Germany | www.germanyja.com

Waldeck Castle Ruins Germany | www.germanyja.com


Hike: 1/2 a mile
Dog Friendly: Yes
Stroller Friendly: No
Admission: FREE
Parking: FREE below the castle
Hours: Everyday 10-5


Am Schlossberg 40 Kemnath Germany 95478

Waldeck Castle Ruins Germany | www.germanyja.com


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