Kürnberg Castle Ruins


Kürnberg Castle Ruins | www/germanyja.comAccording to my research, Kürnberg is one of the youngest castles that are found in the Upper Palatine. It consists of a moat and three courthouses that you can explore.

The castle was built in 1354 for firearms and defense. Kürnberg was resold in 1423 to Ulrich Warberger. The castle was expanded in 1499 and then in 1532 the Mürcacher family took over the castle. In 1634, the castle was destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War during a siege by the Swedes.  During the late 1970’s, the ruins had been completely restored by the historical society.

Kürnberg Castle Ruins | www/germanyja.comMy husband really enjoyed this castle that was only 30 minutes from Grafenwhoer. My husband was having too much fun playing music on this giant Xylophone while we rested halfway on our hike up to the castle. Along the way that had a variety of activities for kids to partake in.

Kürnberg Castle Ruins | www/germanyja.comAlthough the hike isn’t far it is rather rocky and steep so make sure to wear good supporting shoes. You will need them for exploring the castle as well because, although I am afraid of heights, we were climbing all over this castles stone walls with our friend and our dog. It has stunning views from the palace and a fireplace below in the courtyard that we could view from above.

Kürnberg Castle Ruins | www/germanyja.comNote: This article originally appeared on Alexis’ personal blog and then she graciously shared it with Germany Ja! 


Kürnberg Castle Ruins websiteKürnberg Castle Ruins | www/germanyja.com

Hike: 1/2 a mile
Dog Friendly: yes
Stroller Friendly: no
Admission: FREE
Parking: FREE
Hours: Everyday 10-5


Kürnburgstraße 14
93491 Stamsried, Germany
(Follow the signs once you see them directing you to the nature trails)

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