The Devil's Cave (Teufelshoehle) Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comMy husband and I visited Pottenstein and we were surprised at how close it was to Grafenwoehr. The drive was only about an hour and we actually had so much to do we spent the entire day there.

We went to The Devil’s Cave (Teufelshoehle) first. The cave is 1,500 meters (4,900 ft) long and is the longest in Germany and the largest in Franconian Switzerland.

We learned that the cave is named for the disappearance of livestock in that area and this being thought to be the work of the Devil. Centuries later, after the cave had been fully explored, the missing livestock and other animals discovered to have fallen into the cave and died. One of these cave bear skeletons has been reconstructed and can be seen on the tour of the cave.

The Devil's Cave (Teufelshoehle) Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comOnce exiting the cave there are many trails you can explore. These trails provide spectacular views of the valley and lush greenery. In addition, rainbow and brown trout can be seen and fed in the river at the entrance of the cave. Nature lovers will be sure to be in heaven as they explore the area.

It was only 4 euro each to go on a guided tour. Although the tour guide only spoke German, they played an English version of what he said over an intercom in the cave.

Sommerodelbahnen Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comAfterwards, we went to Sommerodelbahnen. For 2.50 euro each for one trip we rode the roller coaster carts there. They were a bit slow and cramped if you ride together, but it was still a fun experience and would be a perfect fit for children.

Fossilklopfplatz  Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comWe then went to Fossilklopfplatz, but they were closed. So we looked around downtown and bought some pretty stones and fossils from outside store. The actual store was closed but they allowed customers to pay the listed price listed the items. You then put your money in the can that they have out. It was based on an honor system.

Fossilklopfplatz  Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.com

Last, we had dinner at the well-known steak on a stone restaurant. It is called Gasthof Schüttersmühle and is near the cave and carts. Thomas had ostrich, bison, crocodile, and kangaroo on a stone, and I had crocodile. You cooked it yourself on the hot stone by cutting and flipping the meat.

Gasthof Schüttersmühle Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comIt was an enjoyable experience, and my husband was in love with his bison. He is very adamant about getting all bison during our next visit. He has already started begging me to go back.

Gasthof Schüttersmühle Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comA lot of people are curious about the pricing. It cost us about 25 euro a plate. It really depended on what variety of meats you chose. I highly recommend everyone going on a day trip to this spunky and unique town before leaving Germany!

Gasthof Schüttersmühle Pottenstein, Germany |www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:


Teufelshoehle Pottenstein website

You may want to bring a jacket and wear close-toed shoes.

Pets are fine on a leash.

No flash, but you may take pictures and video without flash.

Parking: Paid lot between the cave entrance and Sommerodelbahnen, near restrooms


Forcheimer Strasse 1
Pottenstein, Germany 91278

Entrance with 45 Minute Tour:

Adult: €4.50
Children 4-15: €2.50
Family (Parents and 3 Children): €12.00


Winter Season (Mid-September – Mid-March)
Sundays: 1100-1500
Tours begin: 1100, 1220, 1340, 1500

Christmas season (December 26 – January 6)
Daily: 1100-1500
Tours begin: 1100, 1220, 1340, 1500

Summer Season (Mid-March – Mid-September)
Daily: 0900-1700
Tours begin as needed


Sommerodelbahnen Pottenstein website

The Sommerodelbahnen is right next to the cave. Just drive up a little further and you will see parking for it. 

There are two ways to ride: The Frankenrodel is free riding in a trough and is available only in the summer. The Frankenbob is on tracks and is available in summer and winter.


1 trip: €3.00
6 trips: €14.00

Children (3-14): 
1 trip: €2.50
6 trips: €11.00

Children have to be 3 or older to ride.
Children 3-8 need to ride the two-seat toboggan with someone older in the other seat.


Summer Season (April to end of October):
Daily: 1000-1700 (weather permitting)
Winter season (November – March):
Sundays: 1300-1600
Frankenbob only

Gasthof Schüttersmühle

Gasthof Schüttersmühle Facebook Page

Gasthof Schüttersmühle website

Phone: +49 9243 207


Schüttersmühle 4
91278 Pottenstein, Bayern, Germany


Tuesday – Sunday: 1100-2300
Monday: Closed


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