Neideck Castle Ruins


Neideck Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comNeideck Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comThomas and I visited the Neideck Castle Ruins after hearing about it when visiting Pottenstein. This castle is wonderful because it is open every day all year long and you can take your dog with you as well.

The ruins have a vast history. The castle was first documented in 1000. Neideck was attacked during the Peasants’ War in 1525, but was not conquered. Around 1737 the marble was mined at Neideck to build the Würzburg Residence and the amenities of Gßweinsteiner Basilica, nearby landmarks. In 1996 a rehabilitation project began. Without the cement that was added the ruins would have collapsed.

There are multiple trailheads to take to get to the ruins. I recommend the one on the left side of the split. After that take the second or third trail that is off to the right. Once you reach the castle explore the variety of outlets that offer views and the ruins that are dispersed across the mountain.

In 2008 a staircase was built inside the tower which gives you access to a magnificent panorama of the rolling hills and valley. Take it all in and enjoy the view, because you won’t come across many explorers which will make for a peaceful afternoon.

Note: This article originally appeared on Alexis’ personal blog and then she graciously shared it with Germany Ja! 

Neideck Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comTips for Your Trip:Neideck Castle Ruins |

Neideck Castle Ruins Website


Next to the public swimming pool



Stroller Friendly:



Am Freibad 7
91346 Wiesenttal

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