Kallmünz Castle Ruins


Kallmünz Castle Ruins |www.germanyja.com

I talked my husband into going to the Kallmünz Castle Ruins with me for New Year’s Day. I think he fell in love with the town’s colorful buildings and the reflections they cast on the water as we walked across the medieval stone bridge. He was being mighty sweet as we walked along the Naab river and cobble stone streets. Swans were swimming by and we could see the castle in the fog perched on the sleepy hill. It made for a romantic first day to the year.

Kallmünz Castle Ruins |www.germanyja.comMy favorite part was walking around the town and all of the angles you could see of the castle while walking. Not to forget, we passed multiple interesting statues along the way that entertained us. The town is very popular for their artists as you can see by walking past the shops. Scenic sketches were on display in the windows making me wish they were open.

Kallmünz Castle Ruins |www.germanyja.comThe castle wasn’t my favorite because due to it not being very stable. A lot of it was blocked off by metal rails which prevented me from getting the pictures I wanted. However, the trip is worth it for the town and the views from the top as you can see in the pictures.

Kallmünz Castle Ruins |www.germanyja.comUpon researching I discovered that the earliest walls of the castle were built in the 900s, but the castle itself was constructed in the mid-1300s. It was destroyed by fire in 1504 and was rebuilt during the Thirty Years War. Afterwards it was “plundered” in the mid-1600s. Due to the condition of the castle many areas have been blocked off due to it be hazardous.

Kallmünz Castle Ruins |www.germanyja.com
I read that in 1713, the plague hit the nearby town of Regensburg. Thousands of people died in the city and it started rapidly spreading to the neighboring villages. The people living in Kallmünz were afraid and promised to build a chapel to honor St. Sebastian if they were spared from the plague. The plague passed by Kallmünz without touching them, and in 1762 the church was built.

Kallmünz Castle Ruins |www.germanyja.comNote: Alexis originally published this article on her site, then shared it with Germany Ja as well.

Tips For Your Trip:

Hours: EVERYDAY- Always open at your own risk.
Hike: 3/4 mile very steep (consisted of mostly steps)
Parking: FREE (in town)
Stroller friendly: NO
Dog friendly: YES


Marktpl. 5-6
93183 Kallmünz, Germany

Access to the castle by the trailhead that is in between the yellow church and the Apotheke. Follow the steps past the homes and gardens. You will see the railing and cobble stone like steps leading you onward to the castle on your left hand side.

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