Laaber Castle Ruins


Laaber Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comLaaber Castle Ruins | www.germanyja.comThe Laaber Castle was said to be built around 1200, and the name of the town goes back to the word Labera meaning “foaming water.” Perhaps, that is due to the Schwarze River running through the town.

The castle used to be moated and have a drawbridge at one point, but is now in ruin and has homes and a restaurant built into the walls of the castle. The medieval castle was once the seat of the Lords of Laber, who were influential in the 14th and 15th centuries. The House of Laber faded out in 1475, when Hadamar VII died. Hadamar II of Laber was mayor of Regensburg in 1334, and Ulrich of Laber was mayor of Nuremberg in 1366.

If you are in the area visiting the Kallmünz Castle Ruins or if you are simply driving through the town, this castle is worth a look. It has a delightful view of the town from the hill the castle is built upon. It has a picnic table that you can sit down and have lunch while enjoying the view.

A lot of the castle is blocked off due to instability of the crumbling walls, but the best part is it doesn’t take much work to have a look. You can park right outside of the castle, and you only have to walk a few yards. Let me remind you to head on over after visiting the Kallmünz Castle Ruins, which are only 15 minutes away, and capture a few to-die-for pictures.

Note: Alexis originally published this article on her personal site, then shared it with Germany Ja. 

Laaber Castle Ruins |

Tips For Your Trip:

Hours: EVERYDAY (You can go whenever. Just be respectful that you are literally in people’s yards practically.Laaber Castle Ruins |
Stroller Friendly: yes
Admission: FREE
Parking: FREE (Is at the bottom of the castle.)


Burghof 1
93164 Laaber, Germany
We used this address to get us close. Then we drove up towards the castle.


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