5 Quick Things to Do In Frankfurt



Frankfurt am Main certainly has a lot to offer for anyone looking for something. But when you’re short on time because you decided to make the most out of squeezing some sightseeing in in just a few hours before flying out of Munich, then you need to cut through hogwash and get right to the point. So here are my top 5 things to do in Frankfurt as quickly as possible while still enjoying the most the city has to offer!

Check out the Kaiserdom

This imperial cathedral is one of the most important cathedrals in Germany, which was used from 1356 to 1562 for the coronation of German kings and Holy Roman Emperors, similar to Aachen’s Pfalzkapelle. Built between the 13-15th centuries, the cathedral houses some priceless masterpieces such as the high alter.

Walk along the Main River

Nothing makes for a more enjoyable day than a stroll along a beautiful river, lined with beautiful churches and buildings, with a mixture of historic and modern architecture blending into one.

Take a stroll over the Eiserner Steg bridge

A small footbridge which crosses the Main offers lovers a chance to strap on a love lock as a way to profess their never-ending love for one another. Not that I encourage this, they do make for some pretty pictures, plus the bridge offers a great view of the city skyscrapers.

Fall in love with the Römerberg

Frankfurt am Main - California Globetrotter

My absolute favorite thing about Frankfurt is the historic town square which includes a group of half-timbered houses commonly called the Ostzeile which date back to between the 15-18th centuries, as well as the Rathaus (Town Hall). Today, you can find several touristy restaurants and shops, as well as the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice). The square was practically destroyed during the war, but was rebuilt to its former glory.

Check out the views of Frankfurt

While I am sure there is a lot more to see of Frankfurt, these were the easy and free things to see and do while in Frankfurt that offered the biggest reward for such little time there.

This post was originally published on California Globetrotter; is is being republished here with permission.

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