Beer Spa Experience In Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Beer Spa Karlovy Vary

As we have been knee deep in wedding planning and working like crazy people over here, we needed a little break to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! I had been perusing though Pinterest one day when my eyes were suddenly delighted with a wonderful image of a couple taking a bath. Not any bath. But a BEER BATH! I knew then and there, I had to go to Karlovy Vary for the world’s first beer spa!

For this amazing experience that I just HAD TO HAVE, we drove 2 hours from where we live in Germany, just over the Czech/German border, to spend the day there. We arrive nice and early so we would have enough time to stroll through the town.

Pivní lLázně was the very first Beer Spa. Czechs have a long history of bathing in their beer dating back to the Middle Ages, as they believe that brewing and soaking in yeast cures a numbers of ailments. Not surprising since the Czech have the highest beer consumption in the world and believe their beer to be the best!

We entered a world focused soley on our enjoyment and relaxation, with a small fire lit to give off a cozy vibe. The decorations in the room add to the beer spa experience.

Karlovy Vary: The City of Baths - California Globetrotter

We immersed ourselves into deep two Royal Oak tubs filled with beer, malt and hops-a-bubblin’, while we enjoyed an unlimited supply of both light and dark Krušovice beer on tap during the hour of our bath which help our bodies to hydrate and promotes mental relaxation. To top it off, we snacked on homemade beer bread.

The effects of taking a soak in a beer bath include:

  • skin rejuvenation
  • absorption of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins
  • soothing effect on the skin, hair and muscles
  • easing of muscle tension
  • reduction of stress
  • regeneration of the body and mind
  • improved blood circulation
  • detoxification – the removal of harmful substances from the body
  • treatment of back and joint pain
  • cleansing of pores
  • increased cardio activity
  • treatment of psoriasis, acne and cellulite
Karlovy Vary: The City of Baths - California Globetrotter
As we enjoyed the room completely to ourselves, we washed away all the stress and tension as the beer soaked into us and the muscles began to give way as we enjoyed the peaceful serenity of Czech music. After our 20 minute dip, we laid on a bed of genuine wheat straw which helps to absorb all the vitamins and extracts from the bath. Never thought I would say “takin’ a roll in the hay” would be healthy for me!

Karlovy Vary: The City of Baths - California Globetrotter

Ultimately, this was the best anniversary experience ever! After all, how else do you give a beer lover a gift? This experience was perfect for us as a couple, but could easily have been just as enjoyable with another couple, as each spa can hold two people comfortably!

But have no fear, there is no after-odor that anyone should be concerned about. Although they recommend not showering for at least 12 hours after the bath for maximum effect, your body is embalmed in fragrant herbs.

For more information about booking your first Beer Spa experience check click the link below:

This post was originally published on California Globettotter, and is being republished here with permission.


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