Pizzeria D’Jun, Camp Walker


Pizzeria D’Jun 1

Camp Walker doesn’t have a lot to it, so when I found out I would be here for 21 days I was a little discouraged. But there are some gems! Yesterday I rented a bike from Outdoor Rec and toured the Daegu Rivers Bike trail (recommended!). Today I walked out Gate 4 and decided to just keep going until I found something.

Pizzeria D’Jun 2

Thank goodness I did! I was able to find Pizzeria D’Jun, a modern pizza shop. This place is definitely worth your time if you can escape from the base for a little while. They have salads, pizza, and pasta to eat and beer/wine for drinks. I got the Margherita pizza (medium size) for 14,000 wan. Even better, it only took about five minutes after I ordered! They had some fun options too- marshmallows, gorgonzola cheese, and honey for you adventurous types.

Pizzeria D’Jun 3

The atmosphere is nice too. Western style tables with industrial lighting, while K-pop and American hip hop music play in the background. The closest address I could find using Google is 29-2 Hyoseong-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu. It might not put you exactly in front but it’ll get you close! They are open from 1130 – 2130, last order at 2100. They do have wifi and take-out. I paid with American Express, so I’m sure they accept most credit cards.

Pizzeria D’Jun

Hours: 11:30 to 2130

Payment: Won, credit cards

Address: 29-2 Hyoseong-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu

GPS Coordinates: 35.8360304, 128.59945470000002

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