PCSing with Pets from Korea to the States


This article is posted with permission from the highly informative Facebook page Paws across the Pen.  Different folks have contributed to it but the original is credited to Annie Lou Carter.
Required Paperwork:  (more required for Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Europe)

  •  Vet Health certificate – within 10 days of actual flight
  •  Current Rabies certificate
  •  Korean Health certificate – within 3 days of actual flight. Obtained at Pyeongtaek Port or Incheon Airport
  • For a link on the pet import requirements around the globe, click HERE.

Crate Sizes:  (From the Humphreys travel office as well as United Airlines.)

  • XL Crates (40x27x30) and smaller can be flown commercially (carry-on / excess baggage). Crate size restrictions may apply for travel on smaller planes.
  • Giant crates (48x32x35) and larger will be need to be flown as cargo.
  • Tips on picking the right crate click HERE:

Travel Tips

Picking the Right Crate
Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Airlines – http://blog.petrelocation.com/blog/pet-friendly-airlines
United – http://www.united.com/page/middlepage/0,6998,1047,00.html?navSource=dropDown&linkTitle=pets

Continental – http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/content/travel/animals/default.aspx

Asiana – http://www.flyasiana.com/english/  –> Info & Services –> Special Services –> Traveling with Pets

Korean Air – http://www.koreanair.com/  –>Special Assistance –> Pets

KLM – http://www.klm.com/travel/us_en/prepare_for_travel/travel_planning/pets/index.htm

Lufthansa – http://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/Animals

American – http://www.aa.com/i18n/travelInformation/specialAssistance/travelingWithPets.jsp?anchorEvent=false&from=Nav

Delta – http://www.delta.com/planning_reservations/special_travel_needs/pet_travel_information/pet_requirements_restrictions/index.jsp

Flight Options  –
–  Carry on -Small pets can be in the cabin if they are small enough to fit and stay comfortably in a carrier under the seat in front of you. Your pet carrier will take the place of one carry-on item, and a fee will apply. (United Airlines)
–  Excess baggage – Your dog or cat can ride in the pressurized and heated cargo compartment of the aircraft you are ticketed on. Pets traveling as checked baggage will be accepted at the airport check-in counter and delivered to the baggage claim area at your final destination. Fees will apply. (United Airlines)
– Cargo – Animals traveling via our cargo system are accepted at the cargo facility and travel in the pressurized cargo compartments of our aircraft. Fees vary based on weight, size and destination. Extreme weather guidelines will apply, preventing cargo shipment of any live animal when the temperature is forecast to exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any point in the animal’s journey. (United Airlines)
– Pet Relocation Company -Private company that specializes in door to door pet transportation services.

-Pet Airline http://www.petairline.co.kr/
Contact  Maya: maya@petairline.co.kr   Tel +82-2-2667-0112
*Can build a large custom crate  ~ USD $500
*Example of cost for their services for 2 dogs (from Korea to Seattle, WA)

One dog – 70lbs and has a Giant 700 series crate (48x32x35) ($1840)
One dog – 60lbs and has an XL 500 series crate (40x27x30)    ($870)
– Cost to ship them on a direct flight from Incheon to Seattle with Asiana Air. Total KRW 2950000(USD $2710)
– pick up in Camp Humphrey
– airfreight from Incheon to Seattle
– fuel charges
– export inspection
– export customs clearance
– crate arrangements: attachable water bottle with water spout, label for shipper, receiver, live animals and this way up
– transportation to Incheon airport
-Not included:
– fees that will be incurred in Seattle airport to claim them: USD 40 needs to be paid directly to airlines in Seattle airport!
-PetRelocation.com  http://www.petrelocation.com/our-services   (10% military discount)
Contact Cara: cara@petrelocation.com  877-PET-MOVE x 121| DIRECT +1-512-264-9800 x 121
*Custom Crates – http://www.petrelocation.com/pet-travel-crates/custom-travel-crates
*Example of cost for their services for 2 dogs (from Baltimore, MD to Korea, similar for return trip)

One dog – 70lbs and has a Giant 700 series crate (48x32x35)
One dog – 60lbs and has an XL 500 series crate (40x27x30)
With regards to price, as an initial estimate, you are looking at around $4700 – $5200 USD total for complete Door to Door services. This price would typically include the following:
* Single Point of Contact for all your pet relocation needs
* Preparation and consultation of travel expectations & questions
* Assist with required travel kennel & its flight preparation
* USDA Certification on all paperwork as required
* Assist with obtaining all necessary import & airline requirements
* Flight Research and Flight Booking
* International Travel Documentation (ticket) & Flight Booking
* Arranging Pickup & Delivery to Airport
* Airport Handling, Check In and Pet Supervision
* International Air Freight:
Fuel Surcharge
Security Declaration
* Customs Clearance and Import Handling
* Pickup from Airport/Customs & Delivery to Boarding/Residence
* Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations
* Compliance with all TSA Mandatory security measures
* Background checks on all drivers
* Pet Relocation Fee / International
Origin Services Coordination
Destination Services Coordination
Labeling to meet USDA Regulations

-Korea Animal Transport – http://www.cwhospital.com/kat/main%28eng%29.htm

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