About Germany Ja

Germany Ja was launched in October 2012 by Sarah Forte, who ran the site for four years. She and the contributors listed here have helped grow the information for our Germany-based readers to the wealth of knowledge is it today.

Sarah Forte – Germany Ja Local Founder & Manager, 2012-2016

About Sarah

Guten Tag! My German adventure began in August 2012 when my Air Force husband and I  set foot together in Germany. Before living here we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan. While there I managed and used Okinawa Hai* as my guide to all things Okinawan. That team and I were excited to bring this Overseas Yes platform to Germany. I wanted everyone to find something they love about living in Germany. Moving to Germany may not have been your decision, but your attitude about how you handle this opportunity is your choice. Traveling, eating, driving, hiking, shopping, even getting lost is an adventure here.

My German Favorites: Travel, travel and travel! There are so many wonderful places nearby and easily accessible! I also love the Christmas markets; German bread, beer and chocolate; and did I mention travel?


All of the contributors listed below contributed 5 or more posts to Germany Ja, with the most recent listed first and working back.  Want to be on our Wall of Fame?  Head over to the Write For Us page to see how you can make that happen.

Tucker2-0029 - CopyAlexis T.

Experienced the German Leben: 2015- present; Bavaria
Relationship to the Military: Army Spouse
German favorites: Castle Ruins, Christmas Markets, oddity museums, WWII history,  snowy mountains, the green rolling hills in the countryside, & anything medieval!

GJ Emma RiceEmma R.

Experienced the German Leben: 2013-2016
Relationship to the Military: Air Force spouse
German favorites: Travel, the rolling hills and the green countryside, dogs being welcome everywhere, the ridiculously cheap and good chocolate and pickles.

GJ Teanna SlidesTeanna S.

Experienced the German Leben: 2013 – 2016; Bavaria
Relationship to the Military: Army Spouse
German favorites: Summer Festivals, German Beer & Food, Christmas Markets, Bavarian Wear (Drindl & Lederhosen) Castle Ruins!

GJ Lee YuenLee Yuen

Experienced the German Leben: 2013 to 2016;  Ingersheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Relationship to the Military: None
German Favorites:  Vineyards, temporary wine taverns, wine festivals, forest walks, a frosty glass of Hefeweizen, beer gardens, white asparagus, greenery and beautiful nature, German bakeries with their awesome breadrolls and cakes, Christmas markets, mulled wine, castles, regional German food like the Swabian Maultaschen and of course PRETZEL (or Brezel in German)!!!

GJ Heather LHeather L.

Experienced the German Leben: As a young girl, I lived with my parents and sister in the Stuttgart area. I returned to Germany in June 2015 with my husband and three kids. I’m lucky to have the chance to experience Germany through the eyes of a child and as an adult. It’s exciting to see how many things have changed and how much has stayed the same.
 Relationship to the Military: Daughter of a career active duty member of the United States Army. Spouse of an active duty service member.
 German favorites: I love that I have the opportunity to visit places with my kids that I saw as a child. I can imagine that my parents saw the same excitement in my eyes that I see in theirs when we visit a castle or grand historical site, try a new food, or take part in a local tradition. Also, it’s pretty awesome that a bakery truck stops on my street every morning. I’m trying every pastry and loaf of bread that Germany has to offer one piece at a time.

Cali GlobetrotterCalifornia Globetrotter

Experienced the German Leben:  September 2012 – present
Relationship to the Military: I was born a USMC brat in Okinawa, Japan. My family moved a bit and ever since I have been traveling the world with my parents. My mom inspired me to keep traveling, learn German and eventually I sold all my belongings, sold my car and bought a one-way ticket to Germany by myself to teach English as a foreign language to kids! Now, I’m engaged to my own German and have no intention of returning to the states any time soon!
German Favorites: Nothing beats stopping at a beer garden on a sunny summer day after a bike ride! Otherwise, my favorites are the fairy tale Christmas markets, schnitzel, endless festivals and small medieval villages with castles perched up on every other hill!

Nikki BNikki B.

Experienced the German Leben:  December 2012 to 2016
Relationship to the Military: None
German favorites:  Being able to travel to so many wonderful locations, trying new foods and trying to become a part of the local community.  We love going to local fests, walking the nordic walking trails, and shopping at the local markets.

QueQuentin Rntin R. – Contributor to Overseas Yes in several countries

Experienced the German life:  Moved here with family, spends every weekend out in the countryside or bigger cities exploring, enjoying the culture.
Relationship to the Military:  Active Duty
German favorites:  Food, Festivals (especially Christmas Markets), Local and International Friends, Driving on the Autobahn, quiet villages, forest walks

Casey C GJCasey C.

Experienced the German life: 2011 to 2014
Relationship to the Military: Air Force spouse
German favorites: gluhwein, Christmas Markets, Oktoberfest, Rheingau Wine Region, castle exploring, the proximity to travel opportunities all over Europe, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, half-timbered houses, summer festivals, and spundekas!

Mrs B

Mrs B.

Experienced the German Leben:  Fall 2013 to present
Relationship to the Military: Air Force spouse
German Favorites:  REWE grocery store, we love trying new things from there. Also love the German bakeries and tasting all the yummy treats.

Lucy Blaney-LaibleLucy

Experienced the German Leben:  American expat, living in Germany since 2013
Relationship to the Military:  None. I came to Germany with my German husband (whom I met in the US while we were both in graduate school) and have kids that are dual citizens and bilingual (German/English) and attend German schools. This gives me a different perspective from many of the other writers on this site. I work in German universities and conduct most of my daily business (outside of the house, at least) in German. Since I can’t shop at the PX or visit the library on base, I have to find creative ways to get a taste of home. 
German Favorites:  In Stuttgart, Luftballoon parents and kids magazine is a great resource for everything kid-friendly in the city. I also can’t resist a good Flohmarkt (flea market) for buying kids’ clothes. The best park in the whole world is at Killesberg (in Stuttgart) and the Wilhelma is an amazing zoo.


Experienced the German Leben:  August 2012 to 2016
Relationship to the Military:  (Retired) Air Force spouse, now working for the DoD
German Favorites:  Weihnachtmarkts, dark beer, castles, proximity to so many borders to cross, opportunity to struggle through another language.


Experienced the German Leben:  November 2011 to 2016
Relationship to the Military:  Army spouse
German Favorites:  The opportunity to travel, the food, the wine, the abundance of festivals and celebrations, and the adventure in general.

Amy GJAmy

Experienced the German Leben: Sadly, only 8 months (August ’12 – April ’13) — Bavaria.
Relationship to the Military: Army spouse
German Favorites: Summertime evenings, wintertime snow, schneeballs, Christmas markets, riding the Deutsche Bahn, soft pretzels, orange Fanta, rolling hills, red roofs, and the word “tschuss.”

Michelle AboutMichelle

Experienced the German Leben:  June 2012 to Present — Bavaria
Relationship to the Military:  Army spouse
German Favorites:  Living in Bavaria and enjoying all their traditions, food, beer, beautiful country side, and hospitality!



Experienced the German Leben: January 2008 to Present — Schweinfurt, Grafenwoehr, Vilseck
Relationship to the Military: Army spouse
German Favorites: I love how easy it is to travel, either in Germany or anywhere in Europe by just being In Graf. Everything is only hours away. I love Christmas markets, Medieval fests and Volksfests….just being out and about finding something new to explore with my family. All the castles and castle ruins, beautiful nature.

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