About Korea Ye

Korea Ye was launched in October 2012 by Kelly Garcia, who ran the site for two years. She and the contributors listed here have helped grow the information for our South Korea-based readers to the wealth of knowledge is it today.

Kelly Garcia – Korea Ye Founder & Manager, 2012-2014

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My whole life has been spent on the move. As a military “brat”, student, as a teacher and now through my husband’s work. You’d think I’d have it all down pat by now, but it seems that each move brings me a new lesson. I was brand spanking new here in Korea with a bevvy of things to learn; I had previously written for Okinawa Hai*  while stationed in Japan, which helped enrich my time there beyond measure, and pushed me to see and do what I wouldn’t have otherwise. It gave me a circle of life friends who shared the desire to “eat the experience up” even through the loneliness of deployments or separation from family. I helped launch Korea Ye with the hopes that it would bring the same positive sense of community to those of us stationed in Korea and be a place where we can write, share, and discover Korea together.


All of the contributors listed below have contributed 10 or more posts to Korea Ye, with the most recent listed first and working back. Want to be on our Wall of Fame? Head over to the Write For Us page to see how you can make that happen.

Kate D. 

KateLived in South Korea: January 2015-2016
Relationship to the Military: Army spouse
Korea Favorites: The cherry blossoms, coffee shops and dessert cafes, the fact that you can drive 3 hours and see mountains AND the beach, shopping EVERYWHERE, clean and efficient public transportation, street food, and norebang!
Previously served as Korea Ye Local Manager

Janvika S.

Janvika SLived in South Korea: 2014-2015
Relationship to the Military: I have no direct relationship with the military; however, my brother is a JAG officer with the army and continues to make our family proud.
Korea Favorites: I love Korean food! I’m not a big meat-eater but the meat is so delicious here. I have absolutely loved exploring the national parks and climbing the beautiful mountains all over the country.

Charisse W.

Charisse WLived in Korea: May 2014 – present
Relationship to the Military: DoD employee
Korea Favorites: Numerous festivals yearly, the kind and helpful people, temples, mountains, food especially bulgogi, extremely low crime, and my favorite cherry blossoms. Also my favorite places I’ve visited are Busan, Gyeongyu, and Seoul.
Previously served as our Korea Ye Instagram Manager & Staff Writer

Sibo L.

siboLived in Korea: 2014 – 2016
Relationship to the Military: Air Force Spouse
Korea Favorites: The food! Patbingsoo, hottoek, ttoekbokki and kimchi; the people; four seasons; the traditional markets; the transportation system; the unique entertainment – from exhibitions to k-pop dance groups to cat cafes! Never a dull moment here. And hard as it is, learning the language (or butchering it) is fun too. My list goes on and on! I am having a fantastic time here!

Previously served as a Korea Ye staff writer

Amy H. 

Amy HLived in South Korea: I have lived in South Korea twice now. The first time was from 2007 – 2010 in Dongducheon. Our second tour was from 2012 to  2015 in Seoul.
Relationship to the Military: Army Spouse
Korea Favorites: Everything! Seriously, what’s NOT to love about Korea?! I would have to say though, that my very favorite part of Korea is how much there is to do, and that it is so accessible and easy. I also love that no matter where we go, it is always an adventure, and if we go to the same place twice, it is never the same experience!

Previously served as our Korea Ye Instagram Manager & Staff Writer

Christine B.

Christine Bruns KYLived in Korea: December 2013 –2015
Relationship to the Military: Army Spouse
Korea Favorites: Bibimbap; Beef & Leaf; K-Performances; shopping in Insadong; visiting all of the historical sites and museums; my motto for trying something new in Korea is “sure, why not!”

Previously served as our Korea Ye Local Manager & Staff Writer


ZaydaLived in Korea: September 2012 – August 2014
Relationship to the Military: Navy Spouse
Korea Favorites: Themed Cafes, Beauty Stores, Art Exhibitions.


Trish SiegristLived in South Korea: April 2008 – April 2010; June 2012 – 2015
Relationship to the Military: Army Spouse
Korea Favorites: I have so many I don’t know where to start! Hiking – trying to conquer all 32 mountains in and around Seoul, Noryangjin Fish Market, the amazing flower markets, all the fun themed cafes, jimjilbangs, STREET FOOD! The kindness of strangers, traveling, exploring new areas, trying new restaurants and all the shopping!

Rosie M.

Rosie MajkaLived in South Korea: 2012 to 2013
Relationship to the Military: Army spouse
Korea Favorites: I love Korean food, especially Bulgogi; if it weren’t for this overseas tour, I probably never would have tried it. I really enjoy going to the Seoul Zoo and shopping Insadong.

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