About Overseas Yes


Once upon a time, in a land far, far OCONUS, Mr. & Mrs. MilitaryFamily arrived in Okinawa.  Mr. MilFam headed off to work and Mrs. MilFam, Baby 1 and Baby 2-on-the-way sat at home.  And they sat… wondering what to do and where to go.  Finally, Mrs. MilFam decided to head out and explore… and then blog about it, because she’s cool like that.  She wanted to share what she learned with you, in case you might just be sitting too. Soon some writer friends joined the blog, and before long OkinawaHai.com* came to be.

In 2012 the managers launched websites for military audiences in Germany and South Korea, and in 2014 a fourth site in Turkey.  We called our network of websites Overseas Yes; our mission is to encourage Americans living overseas – those with associations with the US military as well as ex-pats – to get out and explore their wonderful host countries.

At the beginning of 2017, OkinawaHai.com* was turned over to a new set of owners and managers living locally on the island, and we here at Overseas Yes decided to combine all the content from the remaining three sites here in one central location.

(*Please note: Overseas Yes has no continuing affiliation with OkinawaHai.com; though there may be some shared posts and information on both sites as mutually agreed upon by the managers of both sites, each is run and operated independently from one another. If you are stationed or living on Okinawa, we encourage you to visit that website for all your OCONUS questions.)


Sometimes when you receive orders to move overseas, your response is YIKES! It is our hope that the information found on our site – written by people just like you – can change your YIKES! to YES!

Within Overseas Yes you will find the information originally published on our three separate network sites: Germany Ja, Korea Ye, and Turkey Tamam (learn more about each of those sites’ origins by clicking on the links). Any duplicate content is due to the merging of these three sites into one, and we apologize here for any confusion that may cause. If you find any errors or mistakes on the site, please feel free to contact us and let us know!


  • If you are sponsoring a family, this could be the ground level for them as they prepare to move here.
  • If you are moving overseas, this could be a way to get relevant information, ask for information that is not here and communicate with people who are already in country and probably had the very same questions and concerns as you do right now.
  • If you are new here and trying to get your bearings, this is a place to connect with people and places and activities that tickle your fancy.  You can also find members of our community on our Facebook Page.
  • Or even if you’re not so new but looking for a way to spice up your ho-hum, boring on-base life, we can help you find a new place to visit or new restaurant to try out this weekend.