About Turkey Tamam

Turkey Tamam was launched in March 2014 by Larissa Koerschner, who ran the site for one year. She and the contributors listed here have helped grow the information for our Incilik, Turkey-based readers to the wealth of knowledge is it today.

Editor’s Note: In 2016, military assignments in Turkey were changed from accompanied tours for servicemembers and their families to unaccompanied tours. The information here on Overseas Yes was gathered and published prior to this change. We continue to include information about the area of Adana, Turkey and other locations in the country for those who may be traveling to the area.

Larissa Koerschner – Turkey Tamam Founder & Manager, 2014


Hi! I’m so excited to bring this website and information to the families in Turkey. Our family was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where I used OkinawaHai* as a resource for navigating and exploring the island. When we relocated to this remote assignment in Turkey, I knew the families and servicemembers here could benefit from the same resource. I have loved exploring the city – and country – around us here in Turkey, but I remember how intimidating it was to make that first venture off-base. It’s my goal to help others gain that same level of comfort and experience to help them come to regard Turkey as a second home.


All of the contributors listed below have contributed 5 or more posts to Turkey Tamam, with the most recent first and working back.  Want to be on our Wall of Fame?  Head over to the Write For Us page to see how you can make that happen.

Jamey H.

Jamey HooperLived in Turkey: 2014 – 2016
Relationship to Military: Air Force Spouse
Turkey Favorites: I love the food and the beach. I love going to the local food markets and seeing and buying all of the fantastic food that Turkey has to offer. I love to bring my market goodies home and turning them into a great meal. I also love being so close to the Mediterranean Sea and finding new beaches to explore. There is so much beautiful coastal scenery in Turkey.

Tuti H.

TutiLived in Turkey:  2014 – 2016
Relationship to Military:  Air Force Spouse
Turkey Favorites:  We have been active duty Air Force for 8 years and this is our very first overseas assignment.  Turkey was the perfect overseas assignment for our family!  There is so much to explore and soak in during our 2 years assignment here, from eating delicious Turkish foods to hiking the many castles & ruins, to learning the language and deep cultures of Turkish people.  I am very excited to share in my experiences and hopefully others will follow suit in exploring Turkey as well!!
Previously served as our Turkey Tamam Local Manager and Staff Writer

Emily S.

Emily SmithLived in Turkey:  2013 – 2015
Relationship to the Military:  Air Force Spouse 
Turkey Favorites: Hiking Turkish ruins and castles (Anavarza and Karasis Castles are my favorites), the fabric district in Adana, Elem Restaurant in Adana (more specifically, their Hummus!) and eating Turkish snacks (8Keks are my favorite!)

Previously served as a Turkey Tamam staff writer and Instagram Manager

Larissa Koerschner – Turkey Tamam Founder

LarissaLived in Turkey:  August 2012 – October 2014
Relationship to the Military:  Air Force Spouse 

Previously served as our Turkey Tamam Local Manager

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