A Bavarian “Thanksgiving” – Erntedankfest Bad Gögging

CONTRIBUTED BY CALIFORNIA GLOBETROTTER Another harvest season has come and gone. The hops fields have been cleared, the rows of corn have been harvested, and the fields have begun to be plowed, prepping them for the approach of winter. When you think about Thanksgiving, you traditionally think of it only as an American holiday celebrated … Continue reading A Bavarian “Thanksgiving” – Erntedankfest Bad Gögging

100 Key German Phrases to Know Before Arriving

CONTRIBUTED BY CALIFORNIA GLOBETROTTER As I am sitting here, planning my Germerican Wedding, helping friends and family navigate through booking their first trip to Germany for our upcoming wedding in October, I realize that there are some VITAL KEY PHRASES everyone should know by heart BEFORE they arrive in Germany! But why should you bother learning any … Continue reading 100 Key German Phrases to Know Before Arriving


CONTRIBUTED BY SARAH FORTE Note: This article is coming out the the archives in time for Kerwe season in the Rhineland-Palatinate area of Germany. See if you can find any evidence of Kerwe in your town or village! First it was a mystery. Then there were random sounds. Finally, it turned into a fun way … Continue reading Kerwe