Rüya Pasta Malzemeleri—Baking & Party Supply Store

CONTRIBUTED BY TUTI HAWKINS If you thought Akform Gida baking supply store had everything you need to bake up something amazing, then you definitely need to go check out Rüya Pasta Malzemeleri! This is a great place to start when you are planning on making homemade goodies, from cakes to chocolate to lollipops. Rüya carries everything … Continue reading Rüya Pasta Malzemeleri—Baking & Party Supply Store

Serpa Market (International Grocery Store)

CONTRIBUTED BY TUTI HAWKINS If you’re looking for those hard to find Asian, Mediterranean, European or Middle Eastern ingredients and our base commissary does not carry it? Look no further: I came across this great little ethnic market in downtown Adana that has imported products you cannot find anywhere else in Adana’s local grocery stores. … Continue reading Serpa Market (International Grocery Store)

Saturday Homegoods Market, North Adana

CONTRIBUTED BY EMILY SMITH I’ve always known this market to be called the “Saturday Women’s Market,” but it’s definitely not just for women. I can’t quite decide what this market should be called. It could be the “Saturday Knockoff Market” or the “Saturday Homegoods Market,” or even the “Saturday Super Walmart Market.”   Whatever you … Continue reading Saturday Homegoods Market, North Adana


CONTRIBUTED BY EMILY SMITH Elem. I almost cannot believe that this restaurant has not been written up on Turkey Tamam yet. I keep searching the archives to double check, because this place, hands down, is my favorite Turkish restaurant in Adana. I wrote a few months ago about the hummus at Kebapçı Adil and how … Continue reading Elem