OCONUS Military Life

Military life can be confusing and overwhelming – between discyphering acronyms, learning to bring your ID with you at all times, and limited family time, there’s a lot to adjust to. But throw in navigating military life overseas and you’re dealing with an entirely different creature!

Here at Overseas Yes, we’ve been there and done that. (A couple of times.) And we’re here to help lend you the support you’re looking for while you’re trying to wrap your head around your new orders. On this page you’ll find a list of links to the posts our readers have shared with us about PCSing overseas. Some of these posts are location-specific, but most are helpful reads for anyone facing an international move.

You’ve got enough stress in your life – we’ll help you learn to navigate the world of an OCONUS PCS with a little less!


For anyone facing an OCONUS PCS:

Tips for Moving with the Military: Things I Wish I’d Known My First PCS

PCS Binder

Top 6 PCSing Tips

How Not to PCS

PCS Sorting: What Goes and When?

Tips On Moving Overseas

Packing For the Long Flight

Kids and Jet Lag

Receiving Your HHG and UB

Filing (and Receiving) a Moving Claim

How to be a Good Sponsor (and Sponsoree)


For those PCSing to Germany:

We Got Our Assignment to Germany! Now What!?!

Shipping Your Car (POV) to Germany & Receiving Your Car (POV) in Germany

Staying in Baltimore Before the Flight Over

How To Ship an Unaccompanied Pet To Germany


For those PCSing to Korea:

What to Expect When You’re (Not) Expecting… Korea!

A Korea PCS Checklist

Command Sponsored (CSP) vs. Non-Command Sponsored (NCSP) to Korea

PCSing to Korea with Pets

PCSing to the ROK: Getting to Seattle & PCSing to the ROK: Seattle to Korea

POV Retrieval in Korea

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