Waldenburg Castle

CONTRIBUTED BY: ALEXIS TUCKER  On a pit stop during a recent trip across Germany, the silvery morning light began to appear, and we noticed a castle prominently sitting upon the mountain behind the gas station. It was so distinctive among the hills that rolled around it. After grabbing a drink and a snack we decided to follow the … Continue reading Waldenburg Castle

Heidelberg’s Papi

Heidelberg’s Papi: Bar. Café. Restaurant. CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER LIDOWSKI This probably isn’t news to anyone, but the food in Germany is different than the food in the United States.  Personally, I enjoy trying dishes outside of my typical week-to-week menu options.  How else would I discover how delicious sauerbraten and wienerschnitzel are? For more picky … Continue reading Heidelberg’s Papi

Photo of the Week: Fasching in Herrenberg, Germany

CONTRIBUTED BY: H. ERNST The first sign that it was Fasching season in our town of Herrenberg, Germany was the appearance of colorful banners hung between half-timbered buildings.  Unlike the neatly cut triangular pieces of cloth I’ve seen in pictures of other cities, Herrenberg strings up mismatched colorful pieces of fabric in various sizes and … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Fasching in Herrenberg, Germany