Taehwagang Park

CONTRIBUTED BY QUENTIN RICHARDSON During the long weekend, I really wanted to venture out to a more peaceful, less crowded area. Since I already saw most of the sights in Busan, I wanted to try something else in the area not too far away from the city. Running some quick searches, I quickly narrowed down … Continue reading Taehwagang Park

Busan Aquarium

CONTRIBUTED BY KELLY GARCIA My pleasure in an aquarium is directly related to how crowded it is. I could be at a world class aquarium like, say, the Okinawa Aquarium (2nd largest in the world) but if I've got to elbow my way through the teeming hoards to see a jellyfish, I'll be miserable. Standing … Continue reading Busan Aquarium

Busan with Family

CONTRIBUTED BY TERESA FOWLER Summer is almost upon us and I know everyone is looking forward to the beach. Beautiful Busan (formally Pusan) is our family's favorite place in Korea to hit the sand and the surf. It is the perfect vacation destination (far away, easy to get to, and well...beautiful). Busan is the second … Continue reading Busan with Family