The Medieval Wine Town of Esslingen am Neckar

CONTRIBUTED BY CALIFORNIA GLOBETROTTER When Americans think about traveling to Europe, they have an image in their heads of fairytale-like towns that will transport them back to a time long since gone. They imagine towns with cobbledstone streets, colorful half-timbered buildings and perhaps a Knight in Shining Armour. But many don’t realize, nor can imagine the … Continue reading The Medieval Wine Town of Esslingen am Neckar

Spargel and Spargelzeit

CONTRIBUTED BY: AROUND THE WHEREVER  Although it sometimes still feels like winter, spring is coming to Germany. One sure sign is Spargelzeit. Not sure what that means? Take a look at this article out of our archives! In the mood to cook with Spargel? Try this awesome Spargelcremesuppe (spargel cream soup) recipe.  It’s coming up … Continue reading Spargel and Spargelzeit