PCSing with Pets from Korea to the States

CONTRIBUTED BY PAWS ACROSS THE PEN This article is posted with permission from the highly informative Facebook page Paws across the Pen.  Different folks have contributed to it but the original is credited to Annie Lou Carter. Required Paperwork:  (more required for Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Europe)  Vet Health certificate – within 10 days of actual … Continue reading PCSing with Pets from Korea to the States

Hyochang Park

CONTRIBUTED BY KELLY GARCIA Every day driving home, I went out the Coiner Gate I wondered what would happen if I turned left at the intersection. There's a sign that says there's a park that way, Hyochang Park. I always dismissed it and continued on my way. But one afternoon, I was lost and found … Continue reading Hyochang Park

Mongsanpo Beach Camping: A Pet-friendly Family Adventure

CONTRIBUTED BY FWAMAY TULLIUS Okay, quick! When you think Korea, what comes to mind? According to Hollywood recently, its underdeveloped country towns, zombies and viruses. If you live in Seoul it’s high-rises and high-tech electronics. Osan; has great shopping and cheap food? I don’t know. What I do know is Korea has some fantastic National … Continue reading Mongsanpo Beach Camping: A Pet-friendly Family Adventure

Home Plus

CONTRIBUTED BY HEATHER HATALOSKY In my search for, well many things I soon discovered; but with the original intent of finding rugs, fishing rods, winter jackets, and a small shelf unit, I came across Home Plus, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I decided to head out to investigate the location near … Continue reading Home Plus