Turkey Restaurant Index

You’re hungry.  You’re looking for somewhere good to grab a bite to eat and you’re hungry NOW… but where do you start?

Thankfully, Overseas Yes has a collection of posts detailing the many restaurants, cafes, and pizza joints here in Turkey.  This is an index of all the food establishments we have reviews and information about, listed alphabetically with the type of food served and the general location indicated next to them.

Adana-Area Restaurants

Adana Yelkin Restaurant Saturday breakfast; near Adana lake
Aisha Italian; New Adana
Aşina Restaurant seafood; Mersin
Babanin Yeri seafood; Yumurtalik
Beşiktaş Turkish; Istanbul
Caretta Balik seafood; Yumurtalik
Cosecha Cafe Mediterranean food; Adana
Cozy Burger & Steak burgers; New Adana
Cupcakes Torta bakery; New Adana
Ekotepe brunch; north of Adana
Elem Turkish; south of Adana
Friends Cafe American-style eatery; Adana
Gayret seafood; Kusadasi (Izmir)
Gölevi Balık seafood; Adana lake
Guney Marina seafood; Adana lake
Henny’s Fried Chicken American-style fried chicken; Adana
Incirlik Ekmek Ve Unlu Bakery bakery; Adana
Kaya Balik Çilik fresh seafood; Old Adana Fish Market
Kazancilar Turkish food; top level of Optimum Mall
Lago Balik seafood; Adana
M1 Mall Food Court American & International fast food kiosks; Adana
MADO Turkish & European food & bakery; downtown Adana
Maki Japanese Japanese; New Adana & Lake locations
Melekler Cafe coffee shop & fortune telling; New Adana
Mersin Marina multiple fast food & sit-down restaurant options; Adana
Mimoza Café Turkish; Adana
NOA Restaurant & Bar Mediterranean & American food; downtown Adana
The North Shield cafe-style food; Adana (Ziyapaşa Blv)
Optimum Mall Food Court American & International fast food kiosks; Adana
Paşalimani Bistro & Lounge American & European; Adana
Pastabahçesi bakery & cafe; Adana
Pina donör/Adana “Alley”
Pizzaria di Mozza pizza; downtown Adana
Şato Seyhan American & Turkish entrees; Adana
Şelale Çay Bahcesi Turkish breakfast & meals; Tarsus
Smackbull Burger American burgers; New Adana
Tanker Bufe bakery; on Incirlik
TAPS Bar, Cafe & Lounge American-style food; Ziyapasha Cad/Adana
Tatlici Erol Bakery bakery; Adana
Tiko Burger burgers; New Adana
Yildizoğlu Künefe Turkish desserts; Adana

American Fast Food Restaurants

Arby’s American fast food; Optimum Mall
Burger King American fast food; located throughout Adana and also in the Optimum Mall
Caribou Coffee coffee; Ziyapasa/Adana
Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt self-serve fro-yo; Adana
Domino’s pizza; New Adana
KFC American fast food; M1 and Optimum Malls
Gloria Jeans coffee; New Adana
McDonald’s American fast food; located throughout Adana and at the M1 and Optimum Malls
Popeye’s American fast food; Optimum Mall
Sbarro’s pizza; Optimum and M1 Malls
Subway Sandwiches American fast food; New Adana and next to Cherry Berry
Starbucks coffee; throughout Adana and in the M1 Mall

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